Local press review

Monday’s papers: Constitution suspended, Parliament dissolved, protests sweep Egypt, corruption files uncovered

14 Feb 2011
Egypt's newspapers on Monday follow the repercussions of the fall of the regime and speculate on Egypt's future, while continuing to celebrate the revolution’s success and honor its heroes and martyrs. The army’s...

Sunday's papers: The rebirth of a great nation

13 Feb 2011
Once Hosni Mubarak became former president of the country, Egyptians spontaneously started chanting "Raise your head, you are Egyptian!“celebrating the rebirth of the great nation. The slogan echoed a famous address by late...

Thursday’s papers:constitutional amendments, land seizure, potential Presidential Palace seige

10 Feb 2011
Thursday’s state-owned newspapers show a slight change in their adopted editorial policy of taking the government's side and veiling the reality of Egypt’s popular uprising. The top headline in Al-Ahram is “The...

Wednesday’s papers: Suleiman statements, reform committees, state employees protest

09 Feb 2011
Wednesday’s state-owned papers focus on Vice President Omar Suleiman’s meeting with the board chairmen and chief editors of state-owned and independent newspapers, giving little attention to the mass protests that swept Mahalla...

Tuesday’s papers: Funeral for martyr journalist, Ghoneim release, al-Adli under investigation

08 Feb 2011
Entering the third week of anti-regime protests, both state-owned and independent newspapers continue to dedicate their front-pages to extensive coverage of Egypt's most unprecedented uprising since 1977. For its lead story, Al-Shorouk...

Monday’s papers: Suleiman talks, 'Sunday of Martyrs,' Obama's changing stance

07 Feb 2011
Monday’s state-owned papers focus on the government’s efforts to pave the way for democratic reforms through holding talks with both independent and opposition parties. Scenes of solidarity between Muslims and Copts in Tahrir...

Sunday’s papers: New NDP secretary general, Gamal resigns, gas pipeline explodes

06 Feb 2011
Headlines of both state-owned and independent newspapers addressed the ongoing nationwide protests, which on Sunday entered their 13th consecutive day. On its front page, Al-Ahram focuses on the resignation of the executive board of the...

Thursday's papers: Investors panic as riots continue

27 Jan 2011
The top headlines of all Egyptian newspapers relate to the continuation of nationwide street protests for the second consecutive day. In the state-owned Al-Ahram, "Four dead, 118 civilians and 162 policemen injured, 100 arrested in...

Wednesday's papers: Angry uprising across Egypt, protesters to continue sit-in

26 Jan 2011
Both state-owned and independent papers dedicate today's front page headlines to the "Day of Anger," a day and night of unprecedented protests against President Hosni Mubarak's regime. Al-Ahram is the only paper to pay...

Tuesday's papers: Day of Anger or a 'bunch of unaware kids'

25 Jan 2011
The difference in focus between government and independent dailies today demonstrates the usual wide rift between what each see as the most important news to define the country over the past day.   Independent papers pay a lot more...