Local News

Sunday's papers: Controversy over prosecuting Mubarak regime, Islamic groups boycott National Reconciliation Conference

22 May 2011
Updates on the prosecution of key figures of former president Hosni Mubarak' regime dominate the headlines of most newspapers on Sunday. On Saturday, the Cairo Criminal Court postponed until 26 June the trial of former Interior...

Thursday's papers: No pardon for Mubarak, 'jerrycan revolution' ignited, 'gift loophole' threatens justice

19 May 2011
Thursday’s state-run Al-Ahram arrives with a clear message from the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces in its leading headline, which proclaims that, despite recent rumors, there is “no intention of pardoning [former President...

Wednesday's papers: Regime officials released, religious tension simmers

18 May 2011
After weeks of arrests and prosecutions filling the papers, the campaign against former regime officials seems to be waning as many are being set free pending further investigations. Following the release of regime pillars Moufeed Shehab...

Tuesday's papers: Suzanne gives up her assets, Adly's detention extended

17 May 2011
Both state-owned and independent papers extensively cover the results of investigations into allegations brought against former senior officials of the toppled regime. At the bottom of its front-page, independent daily Al-Shorouk features...

Monday's papers: Maspiro violence tipping the scale to complete lawlessness?

16 May 2011
A night of violence between unknown assailants and Coptic protesters in front of the Egyptian state television building, Maspiro, from Saturday night until Sunday morning had the country on its toes regarding the brimming sectarian tension...

Sunday's papers: Suzanne Mubarak's detention and heart attack, police facing death penalty

15 May 2011
The top story in today’s papers is the decision to detain Suzanne Mubarak, the wife of former President Hosni Mubarak, for 15 days pending further investigation into financial irregularities. Suzanne Mubarak – the once-feared...

Thursday’s papers: Unified law to protect places of worship, LE2.8 billion to return to Egypt

12 May 2011
Following several days’ worth of headlines devoted to last week’s tragic sectarian clashes and the subsequent fallout, Thursday’s papers arrive with news of a ‘unified law’ created to ensure the security of...

Wednesday's papers: Conflicting news about Imbaba violence and doctors' strike draws high participation

11 May 2011
Both state-run and independent newspapers on Wednesday continue to focus on developments in the sectarian violence that erupted Saturday in Imbaba, including the arrest of 16 supects Tuesday for allegedly using firearms and burning Saint...

Tuesday’s papers: Imbaba violence arrests, Copts' protests against sectarian attacks

10 May 2011
The escalating tension between Muslims and Copts continues to dominate today’s headlines of both state-run and independent newspapers. Al-Gomhurriya writes that security apparatus in collaboration with the Egyptian Armed Forces...

Monday's papers: Analyzing the aftermath of Imbaba's sectarian violence

09 May 2011
Today’s headlines convey the state of extreme anxiety that has followed sectarian strife in the working class district of Imbaba that left 12 people killed, more than 200 injured, and a church and several buildings torched....