Local News

Monday's papers: Adly trial adjourned again while Sawiris comes under attack

27 Jun 2011
Today's headlines in Egypt are dominated by clashes that took place Sunday at the New Cairo Criminal Court between security forces and families of protesters who died during the 25 January revolution. Yesterday the court postponed the...

Sunday’s papers: Egypt’s transition caught between coalescence and feuds

26 Jun 2011
A new law for parliament drafted by a coalition of political forces figured consistently in today’s front pages. State-run Al-Ahram gave the general features of the law, which will be circulated tomorrow, reporting that the...

Wednesday's papers: Billionaire secretary, school exams and cancer rumors

22 Jun 2011
Wednesday’s papers showcase a stark contrast in priorities: in state-run Al-Ahram, a "democratic alliance document" signed by an 18-party opposition coalition is front-page news, while privately-owned Al-Shorouk reports on...

Tuesday’s papers: Al-Azhar backs a civil state and ElBaradei’s on top

21 Jun 2011
  The grand sheikh of Al-Azhar, Ahmed al-Tayyeb, released a document yesterday that tried to shed light on Egypt's largest Islamic institution’s understanding of what it would mean to have Islam as a main source of...

Monday's papers: Salem's release in Spain and a call for youth to organize amid debate

20 Jun 2011
The release on bail of Hosni Mubarak associate Hussein Salem continues to get front page coverage, some quite contradictory. On today’s front page of state-owned Al-Ahram, a small headline reads, “A diplomatic source: Complete...

Sunday’s papers: Sharaf seems to support drafting constitution first, while Salem gets a record bail

19 Jun 2011
The fate of Hussein Salem continues to dominate the headlines of Sunday’s newspapers. The front page of state-owned paper Al-Ahram reports that Magdy al-Shafie, head of Egypt's Interpol, said that the file sent by Egypt's...

Thursday’s papers: Fantastical tales of an Israeli spy

16 Jun 2011
Employing a bizarre mixture of reality and myth, Thursday’s papers continue heavy coverage of Ilan Grapel, the alleged Israeli spy who was arrested last Sunday and remanded into custody for 15 days pending investigations. Thursday...

Tuesday’s papers: English exam shock, apartments for shantytown residents, electricity workers' sit-in suspended

14 Jun 2011
The arrest of the alleged Israeli spy continues to dominate the headlines of Tuesday’s state-owned and independent newspapers. Al-Ahram starts off its news with a report on Ilan Grapel, an Israeli spy, arrested last Sunday and held...

Monday's papers: Israeli officer arrested, Islamic alliance proposed, police reconciliation sought

13 Jun 2011
Sunday’s arrest of an Israeli intelligence officer occupies center stage in Monday’s papers. As always, the difference in coverage between state-run and independent newspapers is stark. Al-Ahram’s headline, “Israeli...

Sunday’s papers: A happy start for Thanaweyya Amma exams amid much political debate

12 Jun 2011
First reactions to the much-feared high school exams, Thanaweyya Amma, fill the papers as students celebrate the easy Arabic language exam and the composition question, which revolved around the revolution instead of Hosni Mubarak’s...