Local press review

Monday's papers: Alex bombing perpetrator announced, and Day of Loyalty vs Day of Anger

24 Jan 2011
All newspapers on Monday, whether local or regional, state or privately-owned, highlight an announcement by Egypt’s Interior Minister Habib Al-Adly accusing the Palestinian “Army of Islam” of perpetrating last month...

Thursday’s papers: Desperation grips citizens as Arab leaders meet

20 Jan 2011
The opening of the Arab Economic summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, with the imposing cloud of the Tunisian situation hanging above, prominently features in today’s papers. Amid the marked absence of a Tunisian minister at the summit, most...

Wednesday's papers: A new form of protest in Egypt, secrets of Ben Ali's escape and Tunisia's interim govt

19 Jan 2011
Egyptian papers on Wednesday dedicate their front-page headlines to new cases of people setting themselves on fire as a means of protesting conditions in the country. In the independent Al-Dostour, the top headline reads: "Three...

Tuesday's papers: Tunisia's events continue to reverberate in Egypt

18 Jan 2011
Tunisia's uprising has the biggest share of Tuesday's headlines, which cover the latest political developments in the north African country and address the influence that those developments might have on Egypt. State-run Al-Akhbar...

Monday’s papers: Hope for Tunisia, death for al-Kamouny, 'exile' for Badr

17 Jan 2011
The headlines of Monday’s state-owned and independent dailies are shared between two leading stories: the collapse of the Tunisian government and its immediate repercussions, and the verdict of one of the three men behind last year...

Sunday's Papers: Tunisia in Egypt

16 Jan 2011
Tunisia dominates the front pages of Egyptian newspapers today. News updates and critical analyses of the collapse of Zine al-Abedine Ben Ali’s regime takes the lion’s share of local press. Yet various dailies interpret the...

Thursday's papers: Silence on train shooter's words, conflicting reports of church bomb investigation

13 Jan 2011
Egyptian newspapers on Thursday wrote of a devastated nation marred by mass killing and torture. For the second consecutive week, Egypt's papers find themselves busy with covering acts of sectarian violence, of which the latest...

Wednesday’s papers: Yacoub receives Greatest Nile Collar, Egypt recalls its envoy to the Vatican

12 Jan 2011
Today the main headlines on the front pages of state-owned papers are dedicated to news that renowned cardiac surgeon Magdi Yacoub has been awarded the highest national honor in recognition of his great humanitarian contributions to...

Tuesday’s papers: Tensions escalate in Sudan, incompetence mars church investigation

11 Jan 2011
In Tuesday’s news, state-owned Al-Ahram leads with an update on the Sudanese referendum, which, according to the paper’s headline, seems to be the cause of “escalating tension” in the potentially soon-to-be-divided...

Monday's papers: Mubarak's speech, church bombing investigations and Sudanese referendum

10 Jan 2011
The Sudanese referendum, Mubarak’s speech at the Supreme Court, and the latest developments and statements on investigations into the Alexandria Church bombing dominate most Egyptian newspapers today.   In celebration of the...