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Monday's papers: Morsy at sea to celebrate 1967 naval victory

Tight security measures imposed in front of Presidential Palace in Heliopolis, Cairo, 24 August 2012. Political powers called for million-man rally against president Mohamed Morsy and Muslim Brotherhood.
22 Oct 2012
Topping the headlines in Monday’s papers are three main news items: President Mohamed Morsy’s naval adventures aboard a military frigate in commemoration of the 1967 sinking of the Israeli destroyer Eilat; throngs of protesters...

Sunday's papers: Controversy over draft constitution, protests

Clashes among proponents of president Mohamed Morsy and opponents in Tahrir Square, Cairo, 12 October 2012. Clashes left dozens of injuries, and no deaths till now according to Health Ministry.
21 Oct 2012
  Controversy over the first draft of the constitution and its authors, which have been under fire since the draft was issued on 10 October, continues to top headlines on Sunday, alongside mounting tensions between the Muslim...

Thursday's papers: No Brotherly love

18 Oct 2012
Thursday’s newspapers are dominated by discussion of Muslim Brotherhood domination and the initial draft of the new constitution, which faces multiple challenges from political forces and judicial institutions. In privately-owned Al-...

Wednesday's papers: Ready for battle

Protesters taking part in protest in front of headquarter of Shoura Council, Cairo, 2 September 2012, to refuse the current formation of Constituent Assembly, and demand President Mohamed Morsy to reassemble it.
17 Oct 2012
The battle over the draft constitution as well as the court case that will determine the fate of its authors, the Constituent Assembly, both top headlines Wednesday. An administrative court adjourned its consideration of lawsuits to...

Tuesday’s papers: On post-revolution constitution, a rift forms

16 Oct 2012
  The headlines of Tuesday’s papers indicate that Egypt is trapped in a whirlwind of political confusion over the first post-revolution draft constitution. While the 100-member Constituent Assembly is putting the final touches...

Monday's papers: Judiciary, opposition and media criticize Brotherhood

Protesters ripping banner of Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Mahala al-Kobra during protest against president Mohamed Morsy, Gharbiya, 12 October 2012.
15 Oct 2012
President Mohamed Morsy and his Muslim Brotherhood have come under intense criticism from opposition forces, the judiciary, and today, the press. Monday’s papers are full of news pertaining to the alleged shortcomings of the...

Sunday’s papers: Judiciary ‘defeats’ presidency, accusations over Tahrir violence fly

14 Oct 2012
The news dominating Sunday’s papers revolves around Abdel Meguid Mahmoud, who walks out of a meeting with President Mohamed Morsy “victorious” as he retains his position as public prosecutor, despite the president’s...

Wednesday’s papers: Judgment day

Egypt's President Mohamed Morsy speaks to the nation at Cairo stadium, 6 October 2012, to mark the anniversary of Egypt's successful crossing of the Suez Canal in its October 1973 war against Israel. Morsy said on Saturday he had fallen short of goals he promised to fulfil in his first 100 days in office, but aimed to assuage critics by highlighting his most prominent achievements.
10 Oct 2012
As the first 100 days of Morsy’s tenure wrap up, the papers, depending on their inclinations, compete to highlight either his accomplishments or his failure to deliver on his promises. Following a road crash in Sinai on Monday that...

Tuesday’s papers: Ambiguity looms over crucial issues

09 Oct 2012
Tuesday’s papers come with universal coverage of the tragic truck accident in the Sinai Peninsula early Monday. The cause of the crash, however, was handled differently depending on the newspaper reporting it. State-owned daily Al-...

Sunday's papers: It's all about the 100 days

President Mohamed Morsy greeting citizens after he performed Friday (Gomaa) prayer in abu-Bakr al-Seddiq Mosque in Heliopolis, Cairo, 31 August 2012.
07 Oct 2012
Readers will find it difficult to judge the performance of President Mohamed Morsy, as Sunday's newspapers seem to report on almost two different people. While state-owned and some party-affiliated newspapers mark Morsy's "...