Historical downtown Cairo hotel to be demolished

The historical building of InterContinental hotel in downtown Cairo 
03 Dec 2016
The deputy governor of Cairo, Major General Mohammed Ayman Abdel Tawab, said Friday that the governorate issued a demolition license for the historical building of InterContinental hotel in downtown Cairo located at the corner of Adly and...

OBG praises Egypt's efforts in renewable energy

01 Dec 2016
The Economic Research Foundation Oxford Business Group (OBG) commended Egypt's efforts to enhance its potential in the field of electricity generation through renewable energy sources.   In a report published on its website, the...

Egypt's parliament swiftly passes NGO law amid criticism

A riot policeman stands in front of parliament in Cairo March 7, 2013. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany/File Photo
30 Nov 2016
Egypt’s parliament passed a controversial NGO law on Tuesday amid criticism from local and international rights groups concerning regulations and "restrictions" imposed by the new law on civil work.  The House of...

Currency drop hits Egypt's medicine supplies, angering public

Medicine are arranged on a shelf inside in a pharmacy in Cairo, Egypt, November 17, 2016. Picture taken November 17, 2016. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany To match Insight
25 Nov 2016
Pharmacies across Egypt are running short of medicines, some of them life-savers, as a plunge in the value of the Egyptian pound coupled with strict government price caps has made scores of products unprofitable to produce or import. The...

Omar Samra launches a project to engage Egyptian students in space science

18 Nov 2016
Targeting more than 100 schools and universities across the country, The Egyptian adventurer Omar Samra launched a new project entitled ‘Make Space Yours’ whose aim is to motivate and raise the students' interest in space...

What about new design of the Egyptian currency?

After the shocking news of Egyptian pound floatation, a group of youth thought outside the box launching a creative Facebook campaign to call on Egyptian artists to redesign the banknote of the national currency starting from 25 piaster to LE 200.
15 Nov 2016
After the shocking news of the Egyptian pound floatation, a group of youth were able to think outside the box and launched a creative Facebook campaign calling on Egyptian artists to redesign the banknote of the national currency starting...

IMF's Egypt loan shows extent and risks of its Middle East role

14 Nov 2016
On the morning after the election, Alia Ali had a sickening feeling as she headed to her job as a secretary at a New York City public school, her hijab in place as usual. Ali is a Muslim who lives and works in one of the most diverse...

November 11 protests: popular uprising or damp squib?

28 Oct 2016
A social media campaign called “Haraket Ghalaba” (poor people's movement) has emerged in the past month, calling on Egyptian citizens to flock to the streets on November 11 for mass protests against rising prices and Egypt...

A mother for nine months: surrogacy on the rise in Egypt, despite legal ban

Pregnant women
23 Oct 2016
Over the past few decades, a growing number of countries have been allowing women to provide surrogacy services to others who are not able to complete the process of conception, gestation and birth. Surrogate mothers are impregnated with a...

Commercial break: controversial media figures forced off screen

21 Oct 2016
The Egyptian media scene has taken blow after blow this year; every time someone directs criticism at the government or the state, television media figures are either sacked or forced to take leave. The state has defined a certain role for...