History repeats itself: CNN controversy over EgyptAir pilot suicide

24 May 2016
It has been seventeen years since US investigators suggested co-pilot Gameel El-Batouti intentionally caused EgyptAir flight 990 to crash into the Atlantic Ocean off the east coast of America in an act of suicide that killed all 216 people...

Satirical puppet Abla Fahita makes her mark on Ramadan decorations

22 May 2016
The satirical puppet Abla Fahita, known for her sexual innuendo and sniping at politicians, has made her mark on Ramadan decorations this year, appearing in shops and markets ahead of the Muslim month of fasting. Pictures of the puppet,...

EgyptAir ranks 29th out of 400 in number of air crashes: Le Parisien

21 May 2016
The tragic crash of an EgyptAir passenger plane over the Mediterranean on Thursday has once more highlighted the issue of air safety for those traveling to and from Egypt. For the Egyptian national airline, the latest incident is yet...

Women artists defy stereotypes, mainstream music in Egypt

11 May 2016
Egyptian women have the right to ride bicycles and wear dresses in Egypt’s streets. They have the right to work, travel and change society’s stereotype of what women are allowed to do, female underground music artists...

Egypt explorers hunt gold in the desert, following ancients

28 Apr 2016
Off the off-road tracks deep in Egypt's eastern desert, prospectors are ramping up the hunt for the treasure once revered by the Pharaohs as the "skin of the gods" — gold. Essential for ancient artifacts like the famed...

In Egyptian textbooks, the revolution never happened: Washington Post

Officials from the Ministry of Education burn books deemed as inciting extremism at a Giza school
25 Apr 2016
Since the 1952 revolution that overthrew the monarchy, the Egyptian education system has been an extension of the government. So said US newspaper The Washington Post in an article on Saturday. School textbooks and curricula have always...

Egypt buys 57,000 tonnes of local wheat since start of season

24 Apr 2016
Egypt's Supply Ministry said on Sunday it had purchased 57,000 tonnes of local wheat from farmers since the start of the season on April 15. Egypt, the world's largest wheat importer, is planning to buy 4 million tonnes of Egyptian...

Gulf firms invest in Egypt's health sector as privatization looms

Strike of doctors of Al-Zawia al-Hamra hospital, Cairo, 2 October 2012. Doctors went on a partial strike in 540 public hospitals to call for higher salaries, securing hospitals, and increase of health budget. 
21 Apr 2016
The Egyptian Doctors Syndicate has expressed concern over the increasing influence of Gulf-based companies in the Egyptian health sector, increasing their stakes in hospitals, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies, while buying some...

Thirst and terrorism together against North Sinai residents

20 Apr 2016
The residents of North Sinai's Arish not only have to put up with the struggle of the "war against terrorism," but they also have to deal with the unavailability of clean drinking water, which has been gone for up to a week....

Hollande visit raises hopes of progress on Eric Lang murder case

17 Apr 2016
On Sunday, French President Francois Hollande arrived in Cairo for the second leg of a three-stop visit to the Middle East. On the agenda for discussion in Cairo are matters of regional conflict, arms and economic deals between Egypt and...