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Witness in Matariya building collapse: We felt like an earthquake hit the area

Building collapses in Matartiya, east of Cairo, leaving ten dead
26 Nov 2014
Ahmed, a man in his twenties, describes the very first moments of the collapse of Matariya building saying, “We felt like an earthquake hit the area. Only a few moments, dust came out from Asfour street, as if it was attacking us in...

Slum inhabitants on the first day of the rain season: We wish summer was all year round

26 Nov 2014
While Egyptians celebrated winter after a long summer where air conditioners and electric fans did not work due to frequent power cuts, the residents of Egypt's slums that are scattered near some wealthy neighborhoods in Cairo feared...

Student arrest over Orwell’s 1984 a bonanza for booksellers

George Orwell's 1984 among books for sale at the popular Azbakeya market
25 Nov 2014
When he issued his famous novel, 1984, British novelist George Orwell never thought it would be a source of happiness for a Downtown Cairo bookseller.   “I hope they arrest someone with a book everyday”, said Sayyed Ali,...

Egypt aims to renegotiate Suez Canal container port deal

24 Nov 2014
Egypt is trying to renegotiate an extension of an agreement worth $1.5 billion with Suez Canal Container Terminal which has a concession to run a port near the entrance to the canal, a government official said. Ahmed Amin, an advisor to...

Papyrus paper: A craft on the verge of collapse

23 Nov 2014
Mohamed Saeed, a 23-year old man, complained to Al-Masry Al-Youm about the decline of the papyrus craft in Qaramous village, Sharqiya, which has left him unemployed among millions of other youth in Egypt.    Saeed, a resident of...

Human rights organizations and the government, 29 years of cat and mouse game

Defendants in foreign funding standing in cage during the first session of trial, Cairo Criminal Court, February 26,2012. The judge adjourned the session until April, following a chaotic first court session.
22 Nov 2014
By the end of 1984, torture in places of detention returned strongly after a hiatus of just a few months, following the first term of President Hosni Mubarak.   With the rise in the number of torture cases, political activists thought...

Egypt closes schools in Sinai towns as area inches towards open war

Army deplys in North Sinai
21 Nov 2014
Egypt, Nov 21 (Reuters) - Egypt has indefinitely shut schools in two border towns in northern Sinai as the army prepares to intensify a battle with Islamist militants that turned the daily trip to lessons into a "journey of death...

Young Egyptian who joined IS: Peaceful protests yield nothing

Islamic State fighters
19 Nov 2014
Following President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's violent and harsh crackdown on political dissidents, the organization calling itself the Islamic State seems to be benefiting from the disillusionment of young politically-minded youth who...

Welad Elbalad wins GEN’s Editors’ Lab prize, AMAY ranks second

Welad ElBalad's team included Wafaa Heikal, Marwan Arafa, and Moustafa Afifi.
14 Nov 2014
Welad ElBalad Media Services team won the first place at the competition of the Editors' Lab organized by the Egypt Media Develpment Program (EMDP)  and the Global Editors Network (GEN) and hosted by Al-Ahram Foundation. Al-Masry...

Egypt’s Bolsheviks lived in Port Said, their graves were discovered by accident

Egypt’s Bolsheviks
14 Nov 2014
The vast majority of the people of Port Said may not know that a group of Bolsheviks who were supporters of Lenin, the Russian leader of the October 1917 Revolution against the Tsar, are lying in graves in Port Said as if they were on a...