Attacks keep millions away from famed Egypt tourist sites

Pyramids of Giza
11 Feb 2016
Said Ramadan has lost count of how much he's borrowed just to stay afloat while other vendors at Giza's pyramids have already lost hope, as jihadist attacks bring Egypt's tourist industry to its knees.   "I have no...

In Egypt, medicines disappear from shelves as dollar crisis bites

11 Feb 2016
Nahed Ibrahim has scoured Egypt in vain to find a regular supply of medication to help her mother to recover from a stroke she suffered four months ago, since then the 75-year-old has struggled to follow conversations.   "I...

Libya must lead anti-Islamic State effort: Egypt's foreign minister

10 Feb 2016
Libya needs to form a unified government before the United States and European allies opt for any military intervention against thousands of Islamic State fighters in the chaotic North African country, Egypt's foreign minister said on...

Sisi launches 34 development projects worth LE16 billion

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in a TV address marking the fifth anniversary of the 2011 uprising 
08 Feb 2016
During a visit to 6 October City, west of Cairo, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi launched 34 development projects in the suburb and in other regions across the country.   The projects will cost LE16 billion and be carried out by the...

Obituary: Mahmoud Bakr, Egypt’s most popular football commentator (1944-2016)

Football commentator Mahmoud Bakr
04 Feb 2016
Renowned football commentator and retired footballer Mahmoud Bakr passed away on Wednesday at the age of 72.   Bakr reportedly died of kidney failure, according to Al-Arabiya, on February 3 at a military hospital in his home province...

Daqahliya suffers lack of ICUs for children

baby - infant
01 Feb 2016
“I took my three-month old daughter to all of Daqahliya hospitals. She died due to negligence and absence of empty place at the Intensive care unit, although the international hospital has four ICUs,” says thirty-year old...

Al Jazeera cannot sue us, we have no contract: Egyptian authorities

31 Jan 2016
The State Litigation Authority's (SLA) spokesperson, Sameh Sayed, has denied allegations made by the Qatari-based Media network Al-Jazeera about suing the Egyptian government for damages.   The network reported on Wednesday that...

Balloon condom prank on January 25 causes uproar

A young actor and comic show reporter posted a short video of them blowing up condoms and giving them to policemen as “fake balloons” to celebrate their national day on 25 January at Cairo’s landmark Tahrir Square.
26 Jan 2016
A young actor and a comedy show anchor posted a short video of them blowing up condoms and giving them to police as “fake balloons” to celebrate Police Day on January 25 in Cairo’s landmark Tahrir Square.   The...

INTERVIEW: Hero of Egypt's uprising feels rejected five years on

25 Jan 2016
In 2011, activist Esraa Abdel-Fattah helped ignite revolution on the streets of Egypt and was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Five years after the fall of autocrat Hosni Mubarak, she is shunned or insulted by Egyptians on those same...

INTERVIEW: On uprising anniversary, activist Alaa Abdel Fattah mulls migration

Activist Alaa abdel Fattah and his sister
25 Jan 2016
Serving a five-year sentence handed down on him last February, activist Alaa Abdel Fattah, one of the most vocal critics of Egypt’s military institution and an outstanding figure of the 2011 revolt against former President Hosni...