After months of silence, former auditor Geneina speaks out

Hisham Geneina
24 Aug 2016
Hisham Geneina’s removal by presidential decree from his position as president of the ِCentral Auditing Organization (CAO) in March brought with it a tidal wave of controversy. Geneina was dismissed after releasing a report that...

The complete guide to Egypt's 20 most promising startups

Eventtus is an online platform and mobile app for event planning, networking and ticketing. It is a hub where users can obtain information about events, access listings of speakers, check agendas, see live announcements and interact with others connected to an event on the app.
14 Aug 2016
This week, Egyptian readers of Forbes magazine would have been intrigued to see three young Egyptian entrepreneurs taking pride of place on the front cover, in an edition including a feature on Egypt's 20 most promising startups. With...

Weightlifting champ Sara Ahmed: bronze is just the beginning

14 Aug 2016
Sporting champions always have a story to tell the coming generations, a story that can be taken as an example and an inspiration. A few days ago, the Egyptian weightlifter, Sara Ahmed became one of those storytellers. After pouring huge...

Egyptian Copts suffer ongoing sectarian tensions: US gov't report

11 Aug 2016
The US Department of State issued a report on Wednesday in which it highlighted the ongoing persecution of Egypt's Coptic minority at the hands of Muslims through 2015, while outlining the limited steps taken by the Egyptian government...

Three out of 4 Egyptian Nobel Prize laureates faced tragic endings

04 Aug 2016
Egyptian chemist and Nobel Prize laureate Ahmed Zewail died suddenly on Tuesday, leaving his family and friends in shock. Zewail had recently recovered from a cancerous tumor on his spine and was said to be in good health, traveling freely...

Buying an abortion in the virtual world of Facebook

A woman holds her stomach at the last stages of her pregnancy in Bordeaux April 28, 2010.
28 Jul 2016
With 28 million Facebook users in Egypt, advertisers have clocked the social networking website as a powerful tool for promoting their products.  The prospect of this unimpeded medium for self-publishing, coupled with the difficulties...

Egyptian Museum fans select 'birth' image as 'piece of the month' for July

01 Jul 2016
Egyptology fans have made their first selection for "piece of the month" from among the treasures in the Egyptian Museum, selecting a stone relief depicting a woman giving birth assisted by two gods.   The item, which dates...

The picture fragments for ONTV as star presenters depart

Prominent media host Yousry Fouda
30 Jun 2016
On Monday, TV talk show host Liliane Daoud announced the end of her contract with television channel ONTV, shortly after which she was deported to her home country of Lebanon, sparking much debate in media circles. ONTV, which is now owned...

Government buy-local ads poke fun at Egypt's 'foreigner complex'

19 Jun 2016
The Trade and Industry Ministry has launched a new advertising campaign aimed at encouraging Egyptians to have more confidence in their own abilities in the realms of business and industry, partly in the hope that they will buy more...

Pension increase canceled out by consumer inflation

subsidized goods
13 Jun 2016
On May 9, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi approved a 10 percent increase on all state pensions, a move that benefits about 9 million pensioners nationwide. The increase starts from July and was generally well received, but critics have...