Egyptian Museum fans select 'birth' image as 'piece of the month' for July

01 Jul 2016
Egyptology fans have made their first selection for "piece of the month" from among the treasures in the Egyptian Museum, selecting a stone relief depicting a woman giving birth assisted by two gods.   The item, which dates...

The picture fragments for ONTV as star presenters depart

Prominent media host Yousry Fouda
30 Jun 2016
On Monday, TV talk show host Liliane Daoud announced the end of her contract with television channel ONTV, shortly after which she was deported to her home country of Lebanon, sparking much debate in media circles. ONTV, which is now owned...

Government buy-local ads poke fun at Egypt's 'foreigner complex'

19 Jun 2016
The Trade and Industry Ministry has launched a new advertising campaign aimed at encouraging Egyptians to have more confidence in their own abilities in the realms of business and industry, partly in the hope that they will buy more...

Pension increase canceled out by consumer inflation

subsidized goods
13 Jun 2016
On May 9, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi approved a 10 percent increase on all state pensions, a move that benefits about 9 million pensioners nationwide. The increase starts from July and was generally well received, but critics have...

Ban on 'indecent' TV adverts for Juhayna, Birell, Cottonil and Dice

Juhayna Ad
12 Jun 2016
Television advertisements produced by several Egyptian companies have been banned from broadcast due to inappropriate or misleading content, said the administrative board of the Consumer Protection Agency on Sunday. The agency issued a...

After two years of Sisi rule, critics highlight 'broken' promises

10 Jun 2016
Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was sworn in as the sixth president of Egypt on June 8, 2014 — two years ago this week. As Sisi hits the half-way point in his first term, supporters and critics are debating his performance in office, measuring...

It's a salad, it's a creative space — no, it's downtown Cairo eatery Eish + Malh

03 Jun 2016
Located on Adly Street in the heart of downtown Cairo, Eish + Malh (in English, "Bread and Salt") has not only gained a reputation for providing a truly creative menu within the Italian and Mediterranean taste palettes, but is...

Ahmed Farid, Egyptian scientist-astronaut with far-reaching vision

25 May 2016
Flying the flag for Egypt in the arena of space operations — a field that Egypt has scarcely participated in previously — Ahmed Farid, along with two other Egyptians, is now enrolled in PoSSUM, (Polar Suborbital Science in the...

History repeats itself: CNN sparks controversy with EgyptAir pilot 'suicide' theory

24 May 2016
It has been seventeen years since US investigators suggested co-pilot Gameel El-Batouti intentionally caused EgyptAir flight 990 to crash into the Atlantic Ocean off the east coast of America in an act of suicide that killed all 216 people...

Satirical puppet Abla Fahita makes her mark on Ramadan decorations

22 May 2016
The satirical puppet Abla Fahita, known for her sexual innuendo and sniping at politicians, has made her mark on Ramadan decorations this year, appearing in shops and markets ahead of the Muslim month of fasting. Pictures of the puppet,...