'Safe': Campaign teaches minors self-defense against molestation

Members of Safe campaign raise kids' awareness of sexual harassment
29 Nov 2014
Outside an elementary school, Sarah Aziz and her team-mates don blue uniforms bearing the word “safe.” Approaching school managers, team members deploy among classrooms.   “A class for physical protection against...

Parenting: Let’s think like our kids

10 Jun 2014
Raising children of character is every parent’s objective. However, dealing with possible challenging behaviors is not an easy job, says Maha Adel, certified parenting instructor and early childhood development specialist....

Style Treasure celebrates Mother’s Day

21 Mar 2013
Last Saturday, a team from the online boutique Style Treasure celebrated Mother’s Day at Sofitel Cairo El Gezira Hotel with a festive bazaar, offering a number of ideas for presents in all price ranges. Despite the vast space and...

Dope distractions: Can sport keep children away from drugs?

25 Feb 2013
We often believe that getting children involved in sports will keep them away from smoking, drinking and doing drugs. Without much evidence, save the powers of distraction and peer pressure, many parents year after year accompany their...

Building blocks: Children learn to see the world through architecture

23 Feb 2013
Mini Architect, a program designed to help children master daily life skills and function more effectively, hopes to help them “see the world through architecture.” “The program isn’t necessarily about preparing...

Engaging young minds: Innovative, themed workshops expand children’s horizons

28 Dec 2012
There has been a noticeable rise in instructional workshops for children in Egypt over recent years, designed to deepen their intellectual, social, emotional and physical skills through engagement in meaningful, artistic activities. 2012...

Nutrition in disguise: Nibblies hides the yucky foods in snacks

26 Nov 2012
Habiba Omar’s son is “a horrible eater,” she says. At a year and a half, he would only eat biscuits and snacks, refusing fruits and vegetables entirely. The need to keep her son healthy pushed Omar to explore out-of-the-...

A kaleidoscope of fun: A new children’s magazine hopes to educate and stimulate youngsters

02 Nov 2012
Dina Elabd is a soft-spoken 22-year-old with an impressive, goal-driven vision. She’s tall with a surprisingly composed demeanor — one usually established with age and experience. Despite her unseasoned age, this young...

No more pencils, no more books: School supplies are getting more costly

22 Oct 2012
Going back to school has been taking a toll on family budgets as school supply prices hit parents’ pockets even harder this year. Sherif Zakaria, a supermarket cashier, says that school supply budgets are spiraling out of control,...

Egypt’s school system: Taking a look at schools, their curricula, and accreditation

Children are on their way to school, to start new academic year, Luxor, 15 September 2012.
05 Oct 2012
According to UNICEF, 95.4 percent of the population in Egypt aged between six and 18 years old is enrolled in school. Primary and prepatory school is mandatory for all students. These millions of students are distributed across thousands...