Hundreds of children condemn terrorism at Pyramids

14 Dec 2016
Hundreds of children wearing pharaonic outfits raised banners to condemn terrorism during a march entitled “In Love of Egypt” on Wednesday at the Pyramids within an initiative launched by the Ministry of Antiquities earlier...

Flashback: 1960-style dresses in Downtown Cairo

Egyptian women with 1960s-style dresses in downtown cairo
13 Dec 2016
In old black-and-white Egyptian movies, young ladies with fluffy dresses could be seen without fear of endangering their safety but nowadays, with increased sexual harassment rates and a fall-back to old traditions, this scene has faded...

Artist works to preserve Christian heritage in Hamas-run Gaza

Christian artist and sculptor Naser Jeldha crafts a sculpture in his studio in Gaza City December 4, 2016. REUTERS/Suhaib Salem
11 Dec 2016
Only about 1,200 Christians remain in Gaza -- only a tiny fraction of the population in a territory run by Hamas Islamists -- but artist Naser Jeldha is doing what he can to preserve its Christian heritage through art.   In his studio...

Bicycle marathon in Ismailia to promote tourism

Go electric: Next year, you may be able to transform an ordinary bicycle into an electrical one by using an electric bicycle wheel made by Cambridge, Massachusetts-based startup GeoOrbital. — AFP Relaxnews
09 Dec 2016
Adel Radwan, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports for Ismailia governorate, issued a statement announcing a marathon for bicycles to be held Saturday for the purpose of tourism promotion.   According to Radwan, 120 young...

Analysis: Why does Angela Merkel suddenly want to ban the veil?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel listens to Chile's President Michelle Bachelet during a news conference following talks at the Chancellery in Berlin, 27 October 2014.
08 Dec 2016
German Chancellor Angela Merkel is not one for rabble-rousing. In 11 years as the leader of Germany, her speeches are usually sobering analyses of thorny political and economic dilemmas, using only her signature diamond-shaped hand gesture...

The art of becoming Santa

Santa Jim Hastings (R) from Durham, North Carolina, is helped into his suit by a fellow Santa prior to a visit from a group of children at the Santa House in Midland, Michigan, U.S. October 28, 2016. REUTERS/Christinne Muschi
19 Nov 2016
Randy Schneider has considered himself a professional Santa since 1999 when he found himself at a JCPenney store buying a beard and boots.   Now, Schneider, 66, has a beard of his own.   At the Charles W. Howard Santa Claus...

Stressed out over Trump victory? Try cleaning out your freezer

US presidential candidate Donald Trump
12 Nov 2016
Clean out your freezer, try a manicure-pedicure and stay off social media.   Those are some of the tips offered by columnists and others to people dealing with what one psychologist has dubbed Election Stress Disorder, which he said...

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's custody tangle

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
09 Nov 2016
Who gets custody of the Pitt-Jolie children?   That has been the question since Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt in September -- and it remains in dispute.   Jolie's camp argues there is already an agreement in...

In Germany, Syrians find mosques too conservative

Refugees and Turks pray during Friday prayers at the Turkish Kuba Camii mosque located near a hotel housing refugees in Cologne's district of Kalk, Germany
30 Oct 2016
Hani Salam escaped civil war in Syria and survived the journey from Egypt to Europe. But when he saw men with bushy long beards at a mosque near his current home in Cologne last November, he was worried.   The men's appearance...

Adult film actress accuses Trump of unwanted sexual advances

Jessica Drake (R), who works for an adult film company, speaks beside attorney Gloria Allred (L) about allegations of sexual misconduct against Trump during a press conference in Los Angeles, California 
23 Oct 2016
An adult film actress on Saturday became the latest woman to accuse Donald Trump of unwanted sexual advances, saying the Republican presidential candidate offered her $10,000 to come to his hotel room alone.   Jessica Drake is one of...