The world's most livable city in 2016 is ...

Melbourne, Australia
20 Aug 2016
If there's one thing wrong with living in Melbourne, it's probably the boring inevitability of being named one of the best places on the planet year after year.   For the sixth year in a row, the Australian city has topped the...

Andalusia through a bull's eye — the travel photos of Beshoy Fayez, part 5

19 Aug 2016
Andalusia, which was ruled by Islamic dynasties for nearly a millennium, is located in the south of Spain, in an area known for its beautiful mountains. Beshoy Fayez, an amateur photographer from Egypt, has made this portion of the Iberian...

Road to Gabon: the epic bike ride of 2 Egyptian football fans

Road to Gabon
17 Aug 2016
In 1997, cyclist Nick Sanders did what nobody had done before, completing a 19,930-mile circumnavigation of the globe on his bike in 31 days and 20 hours. Inspired by Sander's example, cyclists from around the world have since followed...

Dubai aims to boost cultural life with new opera house

A computer-generated view of the Dubai Opera House on June 21, 2016. 
13 Aug 2016
A boat-shaped hulk of steel and glass at the foot of the world’s tallest tower, Dubai’s new opera house is set to boost the cultural life of the Gulf’s business hub.   Workers are putting the final touches on the...

Holland through a herring eye — the travel photos of Beshoy Fayez, part 4

12 Aug 2016
With a landscape that's picturesque and infinitely alluring and a history that is rich and long, Holland remains one of Europe’s main tourist attractions. Poppies, herring and the soft turning of windmills are among some of the...

A train faster than a speeding plane?

A Hyperloop between Dubai and Fujairah to reduce travel time to less than 10 minutes  
10 Aug 2016
Congested Dubai is looking to the future with a radical new mass transit system able to carry passengers at speeds faster than some airliners. It may seem like science fiction, but the city plans to host an international competition in...

London vacations just got cheaper. Thanks Brexit!

08 Aug 2016
The pound has collapsed 14 percent against the dollar and 11 percent against the euro since the UK voted to leave the European Union. One pound was US$1.50 on June 23, the day of the referendum. Now it's less than $1.29. That's the...

What's the most popular item for sale at the airport?

Flight seats
07 Aug 2016
It turns out people's top priority in an airport, besides making their flight, is staying hydrated.   Despite the high price of bottled water at the gate, it's the number one item purchased in Hudson's travel essential...

Tunisia through a whale eye — the travel photos of Beshoy Fayez, part 3

Tunisia Hammamat area
05 Aug 2016
Feeling stressed, depressed or out of sorts? Beshoy Fayez, a 30- year-old amateur photographer from Egypt, advises you to visit Tunisia.   In Tunisia, says Fayez, the weary can relax and recharge amid the charming streets of Sidi Bou...

Stress-free summer: 5 tips for vacationing with friends

Group walking
03 Aug 2016
Vacations are times to kick back and relax, but getaways can also be a source of friction among families, friends or couples, as back-seat driving or paying restaurant bills cause tempers to fray. Here are a few tips from Sonia Prades, a...