Thailand closes diving sites over coral bleaching crisis

The-40 square-Kilometer Koh Libong is Trang's Biggest Island
28 May 2016
More than 10 diving sites in Thailand's national marine parks have closed due to widespread coral bleaching, amid the country's continued efforts to seal off its famous tourist attractions to protect the environment.   At its...

Billionaire vows to crush Disney in China

Mickey Mouse posing for a picture with a visitor in Disneyland theme park.
26 May 2016
One of China's richest men has vowed to crush Disney's big plans for its giant new resort in the country. Wang Jianlin, a billionaire real-estate and entertainment mogul, says his company is aiming to prevent Disney (DIS) from...

Can a festival offer hope to the Middle East?

Beirut cultural festival
20 May 2016
With brilliant sunshine, chic city beaches and a fabulous party scene, cosmopolitan Beirut should be the hottest destination on the Mediterranean, if not the planet. But troubles at home and warfare in the region have conspired to push...

World's biggest cruise ship set for delivery in France

The Harmony of the Seas. 
15 May 2016
The world's biggest-ever cruise ship, the 120,000-tonne Harmony of the Seas, capable of accommodating more than 8,000 passengers and crew in the most luxurious conditions, was set for delivery on Thursday from a French boatyard....

CNN: Chasing spring: The great Alaska road trip

14 May 2016
Inspired by signs of spring — longer days, warmer temperatures, waterfowl migrating north — the great road trip to Alaska is a rite of passage for many travelers.   One of our favorite nature photographers, Ben Adkison,...

Britons, Mexican first foreigners atop Everest since disasters

12 May 2016
Two Britons and a Mexican have become the first foreigners to climb Mount Everest from the Nepali side since disasters in 2014 and 2015 killed dozens and forced mountaineers off the world's tallest peak. Briton Kenton Cool, 42, and...

Tokyo's coolest new hostels

Opened in late 2015, the bulk of Book and Bed's beds sit inside a long wooden bookcase.

03 May 2016
The number of visitors coming to Japan has boomed in recent years — a figure that's set to rise even further as the 2020 Olympics draw closer.   New lodgings have popped up across the city to capitalize on this, among them...

Lonely Planet releases free travel app for mobile devices

27 Apr 2016
Lonely Planet has released mobile versions of its travel guides which have been bundled in a new app. Created in response to the shift away from books and the increasing dependence on mobile devices, Guides features offline maps,...

Full steam ahead as Carnival overcomes final hurdle for historic Cuba trip

Full steam ahead as Carnival overcomes final hurdle for historic Cuba trip
24 Apr 2016
Cruise ship company Carnival Corporation has received approval to accept Cuban-born travelers aboard their cruise ships, which will begin carrying passengers between the US and Cuba next month. The inaugural trip which sets sail May 1 will...

CNN: The Middle East's most opulent hotel rooms

© AFP | Cyclists ride past buildings at Dubai Marina during Dubai Tour 2016
22 Apr 2016
Want to drop 80 percent of the average U.S. annual income in one night?   Or maybe get some shuteye where Bill Clinton and Pavarotti have previously laid their heads (on separate occasions)?  The Middle East's most opulent...