Travel features

Final Issue: FLAG of no country

25 Apr 2013
This piece was written for Egypt Independent’s final weekly print edition, which was banned from going to press. We offer you our 50th and final edition here. How much do you know of the sensible nuances between Egypt...

Explore coastal roads and the pink-sand coastline of a subtropical island

18 Apr 2013
  A portrait of a young Queen Elizabeth II gazes over all who pass through security at Bermuda’s LF Wade International Airport, a royal welcome for visitors to Britain’s oldest overseas territory in a room that wouldn...

Postcards from Rosetta: A day where the Nile meets the sea

10 Apr 2013
Rosetta is not the town it once was, nor does it attract visitors in the same way it once did. It is somewhat surprising, considering that the town is located where the world’s longest river empties into the sea, and where the key...

3alganoob Festival seeks to help Marsa Alam go green

31 Mar 2013
Environmental activists are joining forces to transform a Marsa Alam camp into the first self-sustainable eco-lodge in the area, complete with solar panels and solar water heaters built from scratch. The southern Red Sea town has been...

Spring fever: This season is a perfect time to explore new horizons

26 Mar 2013
Spring is on the horizon and there’s no better season to travel to nearby destinations for a refreshing break. With Europe and the Middle East in such close proximity, this is the perfect time to do a little low-key exploring, or...

Waiting for the sun: Sensory overload and a never-ending party in the Peruvian Andes

18 Mar 2013
It was to be a mind-bending spectacle. The sun would rise, and then again, and again, so that three fiery orbs would be aligned in the sky before our very eyes. Or something. Descriptions of the promised phenomenon varied between the...

The world from their backyard: Children in Ard al-Lewa learn about differences through Safarni

28 Feb 2013
After a sip of a traditional drink from the Ivory Coast, a young Egyptian child shivers. “This is very, very different,” she says. About 20 to 30 excited children from a working-class Cairo neighborhood are taking part in...

Back to basics: Umbi camp shows the other side of Sharm el-Sheikh

26 Feb 2013
For more laid-back travelers, Sharm el-Sheikh has been traditionally associated with charter tourism, over-development, loss of uniqueness, and overcrowdedness — the product of intensive, sometimes unchecked investment in the area...

Come away with me: Seven romantic destinations to rekindle love

16 Feb 2013
With Valentine’s Day upon us, love is definitely in the air. Whether or not you can get away for the weekend, remember that romantic holidays can be a great way to keep that relationship spark going. 1. Portofino, Italy This coastal...

The tourist and the Bedouin

12 Feb 2013
What’s the first thing that comes to your head when you hear the word Bedouin? For many of us, it is a fairly predictable variation on hospitality, nomadic lifestyle, tradition and camels. And if you go on a desert trip spending a...