Tokyo's coolest new hostels

Opened in late 2015, the bulk of Book and Bed's beds sit inside a long wooden bookcase.

03 May 2016
The number of visitors coming to Japan has boomed in recent years — a figure that's set to rise even further as the 2020 Olympics draw closer.   New lodgings have popped up across the city to capitalize on this, among them...

Lonely Planet releases free travel app for mobile devices

27 Apr 2016
Lonely Planet has released mobile versions of its travel guides which have been bundled in a new app. Created in response to the shift away from books and the increasing dependence on mobile devices, Guides features offline maps,...

Full steam ahead as Carnival overcomes final hurdle for historic Cuba trip

Full steam ahead as Carnival overcomes final hurdle for historic Cuba trip
24 Apr 2016
Cruise ship company Carnival Corporation has received approval to accept Cuban-born travelers aboard their cruise ships, which will begin carrying passengers between the US and Cuba next month. The inaugural trip which sets sail May 1 will...

CNN: The Middle East's most opulent hotel rooms

© AFP | Cyclists ride past buildings at Dubai Marina during Dubai Tour 2016
22 Apr 2016
Want to drop 80 percent of the average U.S. annual income in one night?   Or maybe get some shuteye where Bill Clinton and Pavarotti have previously laid their heads (on separate occasions)?  The Middle East's most opulent...

CNN: Pack your bags and go! 14 of Bali's best beaches

Bali, Indonesia
16 Apr 2016
Bali's reputation for offering a total escape continues to draw international visitors to the gorgeous island in droves.     Lining the island's eastern shore, this black beach is big with divers. The surrounding area is...

Nigeria bets on elephants and warm springs to lure tourists

A man swimming in 'Wiki Spring,' a warm water spring with a year round temperature of 31°C at Yankari Game Reserve.
15 Apr 2016
A luxury safari is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when potential tourists think of Nigeria but that's exactly what Yankari Game Reserve is hoping to change. In Africa's largest economy, suffering from the collapse...

This couple slept with sharks in Paris

14 Apr 2016
On the morning of April 12, couple Alastair Shipman and Hannah Simpson awoke in a shark tank in Paris, bringing their relationship full circle to where it first began.   Of the more than 60,000 submissions sent to Airbnb’s Shark...

CNN: Seven grand hotels with deep railroad roots

One of the first hotels built by the Canadian Pacific Railway, the Banff Springs hotel opened in 1888 in Banff, Alberta.
09 Apr 2016
Hotels and railroads go way back.   The relationship worked: Travelers needed somewhere to sleep, so railroad companies built hotels. Though the earliest railroad lodgings in the United States were primarily for railway workers, later...

Which airports have the happiest passengers?

05 Apr 2016
A great air travel experience doesn't just begin at take-off. The industry is increasingly realizing it needs to keep passengers happy on the ground as well as in the air. The Airport Service Quality Awards, whose 2015 winners have...

Google Street View captures images of Thailand

Tourism is booming in Thailand, where the industry accounts for about 10% of national GDP. – AFP/Relaxnews pic, January 6, 2016. 
04 Apr 2016
Want to relive your trip to Thailand or travel to your bucket list destination without leaving home? Google Maps has captured images of more than 150 places and landmarks across the country for armchair travelers.   Thailand is the...