Delta, United, Emirates lead the way on in-flight Wi-Fi

A man uses his laptop to test a new high speed inflight Internet service named Fli-Fi while on a special JetBlue media flight out of John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York December 11
14 Jan 2017
Global airline passengers have a 39% chance of stepping onboard an aircraft equipped with Wi-Fi. According to an international report from RouteHappy, Delta, United and Emirates have the biggest number of available seat miles offering Wi-...

Giants of tomorrow: tallest buildings rising in 2017

12 Jan 2017
China is raising the stakes in the race for the 'tallest' man-made structures: six of the 10 tallest buildings predicted to top out in 2017 are in this booming corner of the world.  And all are set to exceed the 400-meter...

The best new luxury safaris for 2017

10 Jan 2017
Searching for Africa's wild heart is one of travel's most magical experiences.  But being stuck in a 4x4 convoy while scanning the horizon for a distant lion can take the sheen off somewhat.    These new luxury...

What are the world's safest airlines for 2017?

Alaska Airlines
06 Jan 2017
Good news has been in short supply the last 12 months, but for nervous fliers there's one ray of light: 2016 was one of the safest years in aviation history. Despite some high-profile accidents, the number of airplane crashes has in...

Woman busted smuggling teen refugee inside suitcase

Photos taken by Spanish officials show a teen migrant hiding inside a suitcase.


04 Jan 2017
A young woman has been caught trying to smuggle a teenage African migrant hidden in her suitcase into Spanish territory. Authorities stopped the 22-year-old woman last week at a border crossing into Ceuta, one of two Spanish enclaves in...

Figures suggest 2016 was a record year for UK tourism

A general view is seen of the London skyline from Canary Wharf in London, Britain, October 19, 2016. 
31 Dec 2016
According to figures compiled by VisitBritain, the UK has seen a record year for inbound tourism in 2016.   The data, although only a forecast as yet, gives predictions of increases in both visitor numbers and spending by tourists...

Muslims were kicked off planes for 'speaking Arabic' in 2016

30 Dec 2016
Last Week an American social media celebrity 'Adam Saleh' posted a video alleging that he was removed from a plane heading from London to New York along with a friend after speaking Arabic on the aircraft. "We're getting...

EgyptAir offers promotions, discounts on New Year, Christmas occasions

28 Dec 2016
EgyptAir will resume its additional and regular 344 flights to Egyptian tourist destinations on the occasion of the New Year and Coptic Christmas. The trips started on December 25th and will go on until January 5th, according to Safwat...

Ask Google: ‘Where is Bali?’ tops the list of this year’s travel questions

Bali, Indonesia
17 Dec 2016
The search engine published its list of most frequently searched keywords and questions of 2016, Wednesday, December 14. This year, it seems that the location of the Indonesian island of Bali has been a subject of particular interest among...

Ski destinations surge in bookings

Ski destination - skiing
17 Dec 2016
A new report shows that bookings for ski vacations are on the rise this year compared to last, with growth recorded for US and Canadian ski destinations this winter.   That’s according to a new report out of the Airlines...