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Trump, Pence master delicate art of dancing together on campaign trail

27 Jul 2016
Donald Trump was in the middle of creating another nickname for Democratic rival Hillary Clinton - "Hillary Rotten Clinton!" - when he suddenly thought of his mild-mannered vice presidential running mate, Mike Pence. "You...

Turkey’s post-coup purge exposes deep divisions

25 Jul 2016
Visitors to Istanbul in these first few days after the failed military coup will find a nation that is not yet at war – but not entirely at peace either. For the most part, Turkish people are still calmly going about their business,...

Trump NATO plan would be sharp break with decades-long US policy

22 Jul 2016
Republican foreign policy veterans and outside experts warned that the suggestion by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump that he might abandon NATO's pledge to automatically defend all alliance members could destroy an...

'Mission Impossible' — Tight Brexit timeline unsettles Germans

German Chancellor Angela Merkel greets British Prime Minister Theresa May (L) during a welcoming ceremony at the Chancellery in Berlin, Germany July 20, 2016.
22 Jul 2016
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and fellow European leaders are pressing the new British government to trigger divorce proceedings with the European Union as soon as possible. But behind the scenes, senior German officials who spoke to...

Turkey told it can't join EU if it executes coup plotters

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan
18 Jul 2016
Turkey will not be able to join the European Union if it reintroduces the death penalty, a senior EU official said Monday. "Let me be ... clear on one thing: no country can become an EU member state if it introduces the death penalty...

Strong anti-burqa sentiment in the sleepy Swiss canton of Ticino

17 Jul 2016
On July 1, Switzerland's southernmost canton of Ticino enforced a law banning the wearing of the burqa (traditional Islamic headdress for women) in public places. Described by some as one of the most beautiful and quiet places in...

After decades of mistrust, Pope pushes for diplomatic breakthrough with China

14 Jul 2016
Pope Francis is leading a determined push to fundamentally alter the relationship between the Vatican and China, which for decades has been infused with mutual suspicion and acrimony. Interviews with some two dozen Catholic officials and...

Charging police, Dallas gunman shows tactical skill in ambush

09 Jul 2016
The gunman in downtown Dallas, wearing light tan pants and a dark tan jacket, crouches behind a trash can next to the pillar of an office building.  He stalks his target, who stands behind a pillar just a few feet away, then charges...

Lack of progress on NATO may turn Georgia towards Russia

07 Jul 2016
Ex-Soviet Georgia could start a gradual drift back into the orbit of its former overlord Russia if it does not see tangible signs soon that it will be invited to join NATO. Georgian officials will be at a NATO summit in the Polish capital...

Heartbreak, selfies and soccer: the life of a Bangladesh cafe killer

05 Jul 2016
Until late 2014, Nibras Islam appeared to acquaintances to be a typical student: fun-loving, in and out of love, and keen on sport, especially soccer. Women found him handsome. On a "confessions" Facebook page for Monash...