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Silent glamor: After Diana, Kate reinvents the job of princess

Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, carries her son Prince George alongside her husband Prince William as they visit the Sensational Butterflies exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London, July 2, 2014.
23 Apr 2015
Few mothers taking a new baby home would want a crowd of photographers snapping them from every angle at the hospital door, but Kate, future Queen of England, is likely to handle the bizarre situation like a consummate professional....

Israeli presence in the headwaters of the Nile: agriculture, training and intelligence

An Israeli flag flutters in the wildcat Jewish outpost of Maale Rehavam in the heart of the occupied West Bank on 11 May 2006.
21 Apr 2015
According to Egyptian political analysts, Israel is highly interested in the Nile Basin region, due to its economic, political and military significance.   The region includes Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Uganda,...

Journalists: Millions of poor uprooted by World Bank-funded projects

The World Bank
16 Apr 2015
More than three million of the world's poorest people have been forced from their homes, land and jobs over the past decade by World Bank-funded projects, an investigation showed on Thursday as the global lender vowed to review its...

South Africans learn to laugh at lighter side of blackouts

A shopkeeper waits for customers in his candlelit fast food store during a load shedding electricity blackout in Cape Town April 15, 2015.
16 Apr 2015
Facing a long, cold southern hemisphere winter of power cuts, many South Africans are choosing to cope with their frustrations by seeing the lighter side of life in the dark.   Africa's most advanced economy is in the throes of...

Clinton tries again to crack 'highest glass ceiling' with White House bid

12 Apr 2015
Hillary Clinton will take another stab at cracking what she calls "the highest and hardest glass ceiling" on Sunday when she starts a long-awaited second run for the White House as the prohibitive Democratic front runner.  ...

'I am responsible,' says grieving father of Australian IS bomber

23 Mar 2015
The heartbroken father of an Australian schoolboy believed to have died while carrying out a suicide bombing for Islamic State said on Monday he felt "totally responsible" for failing to see that his son needed help.  ...

Boat schools bring classroom to Bangladesh's flood-hit children

Each year, during the monsoon season, millions of children in Bangladesh miss out on education when schools are forced to close because of flooding. 
09 Mar 2015
Anna Akter, a nine-year-old student at a floating school in Bangladesh's remote Natore district, says she might have missed out on her education during annual monsoon floods without her boat-based classroom.   The same goes for...

India bets on genetically modified rapeseed crop for a second green revolution

An Indian scientist points to a patch of genetically modified (GM) rapeseed crop under trial in New Delhi February 13, 2015.
24 Feb 2015
On a fenced plot not far from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's home, a field of mustard is in full yellow bloom, representing his government's reversal of an effective ban on field trials of genetically modified (GM) food...

Fear and silence in Libya as divisions deepen

© AFP/File | Members of a brigade headed by field commander Salah Bogheib and loyal to Khalifa Haftar hold up their guns as they fight alongside Libyan army troops against Islamist gunmen in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi on December 17, 2014
17 Feb 2015
On the surface life looks normal in the Libyan capital. Cafes are bustling with customers sipping cappuccino, while well-stocked shops sell anything from Italian underwear to French cheese. But as in the days of Muammar Gaddafi, many...

Westerners join Iraqi Christian militia to fight Islamic State

Volunteers, who have joined the Iraqi army to fight against the predominantly Sunni militants from the radical Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) who have taken over Mosul and other northern provinces, prepare to board a bus in Baghdad, 20 June 2014.
15 Feb 2015
aint Michael, the archangel of battle, is tattooed across the back of a U.S. army veteran who recently returned toIraq and joined a Christian militia fighting Islamic State in what he sees as a biblical war between good and evil....