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Trump Vs. Clinton, main points of first presidential debate

27 Sep 2016
Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton went head to head on Monday evening in their first presidential debate, while millions of American voters watched.   The following are the most prominent statements in the...

Hollande says Calais migrant camp to be fully, definitely shut

26 Sep 2016
France will dismantle the squalid shanty town where thousands of migrants live in the northern port city of Calais and expects Britain — where many of the migrants ultimately want to go — to play its part in managing the...

Could India and Pakistan go to war?

An Indian army soldier takes position during an army barracks attack, near the border with Pakistan, September 18, 2016.

22 Sep 2016
Could India and Pakistan really go to war? It almost seems an absurd question to ask. After all, both countries have long been nuclear powers — a deterrent that encompasses the lives of a combined 1.4 billion people. Both nations...

In Hungary's migrant vote, only the turnout is in doubt

18 Sep 2016
On a recent evening on Hungary's border with Serbia, a fleet of police trucks raced along the dusty boundary. A heat sensor trained on the razor wire fence had picked up migrants approaching, officers explained. The migrants, about two...

China wants a successful G20 but suspects West may derail agenda

29 Aug 2016
China is hoping to cement its standing as a global power when it hosts leaders from the world's biggest economies this weekend, but suspects the West and its allies will try to deny Beijing what it sees as its rightful place on the...

New tans, same old 'polycrisis' as Europe's summer ends

28 Aug 2016
The European Union grinds back into action this week after its August break, still dazed by Britain's midsummer vote to quit the EU and facing much the same "polycrisis" as a year ago: a mass of refugees, a fragile economy,...

Executions, burned testicles: apparent massacre stains Mexican police

21 Aug 2016
Discrepancies plague the official account of a deadly assault last year in which Mexican police allegedly executed 22 suspected gang members, burned bodies, manipulated the crime scene and tortured survivors, newly-revealed details show....

Justice elusive for slain aid workers on front lines of crises

Sri Lankan soldier at a destroyed former Tamil Tigers bastion
20 Aug 2016
It was a massacre that shocked the world's humanitarian community. Seventeen aid workers were killed outside their office in Sri Lanka's northeast — executed at point-blank range with automatic weapons in one of the...

Japan's crown prince ready for throne, but no fairytale for his unhappy princess

10 Aug 2016
When Japanese Crown Prince Naruhito proposed to a reluctant Masako Owada, he promised to protect her with all his might, a vow that may get tougher to keep if, as expected, his father Emperor Akihito abdicates, and the woman who has...

A silver lining in Rio despite pre-Games gloom and doom

04 Aug 2016
It's as predictable as the fixed, two-year calendar for the Olympics themselves. Before every edition of the Games – winter or summer, rich or developing world – a litany of complaints, criticisms and doomsday predictions...