Egypt Independent

Supreme guide: Former regime trying to destroy democracy

Remnants of the former regime are trying to thwart every step in the democratization process, including disrupting the completion of the country’s new constitution, claimed Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie


“It started with dissolving the Parliament that came from free elections that 30 million people took part in,” Badie said. “Now they want to dissolve the Constituent Assembly.”

The Constituent Assembly, which was formed in June, is voting on the final draft constitution on Thursday amid objections from secular political forces.

President Mohamed Morsy, who comes from the Muslim Brotherhood, issued a highly controvsersial constitutional declaration on Thursday that extended the Constituent Assembly’s deadline to draft the constitution by two months, protected it from judicial disbandment and immunized his own decisions from judicial oversight.

The decree ignited mass opposition demonstrations on Tuesday to demand its abolition.

Representatives from the church and several civil forces have withdrawn from the Constituent Assembly in protest against its Islamist dominance.