Egypt Independent

Tamarod calls for Eid prayers at protests

Tamarod, the grassroots activist group which ignited the 30 June protests against Mohamed Morsy, has called on Egyptians to observe Eid al-Fitr prayers at protest sites on Thursday.

The Islamic feast, which concludes the holy month of Ramadan, starts Thursday and ends Saturday.

Tamarod’s call has coincided with an announcement by Morsy’s Islamist supporters that they will launch a "Victory Feast" demanding the reinstatement of the ousted president.

“While the Muslim Brotherhood tries to lobby and stage marches supporting the deposed president, the Egyptian people reaffirm their will by gathering in their millions to back the military establishment and support the revolution, re-emphasize its goals, and push it on the right track," Tamarod said in a statement.

The group urged Egyptians to take up its call to reject foreign intervention in Egyptian affairs by a series of international mediators this week and to "prevent a specific political faction from dominating Eid prayer venues."

The group announced demonstrations at Tahrir Square and the Ettehadiya presidential palace, as well as public spaces in governorates across Egypt.