Items related to Port Said football violence

اندلاع حريق في جزء من مبنى مديرية أمن بورسعيد ومحافظة بورسعيد، بعد إلقاء زجاجات المولوتوف عليه من قبل المتظاهرين، فيما تستمر الاشتباكات بين الشرطة والمتظاهرين في محيط مديرية أمن بورسعيد، 4 مارس 2013.
Reuters 08 Mar 2013
PORT SAID—Thousands of Egyptians packed the streets of the Suez Canal city of Port Said on Friday in protest at...
New Grand Mufti Shawky Ibrahim is a Sufi known for having no political affiliations.
Al-Masry Al-Youm 07 Mar 2013
The grand mufti did not hand over to the court’s envoys his reply to the death sentence issued against 21...
Hundreds of Ultras Ahlawy blocking traffic on 6th October bridge, Cairo, 23 January 2013.
Al-Masry Al-Youm 06 Mar 2013
Ultras Ahlawy members set a police car parked at the Giza Security Directorate on fire after deflating its tires...
Mother of Anas, martyer of Port Said massacre, waits the verdict, Cairo, 26 January 2013.
Al-Masry Al-Youm 06 Mar 2013
The Ismailia Appeals Court has restricted attendance at the final session of the Port Said football massacre trial,...
Hundreds of Ultras Ahlawy protest outside Egyptian Stock Exchange, Cairo, 23 January 2013.
Egypt Independent 03 Mar 2013
Security forces have started negotiations with Ultras Ahlawy, who gathered at the Central Bank of Egypt in downtown...
Thousands during funeral of Port Said victims, 27 January 2013. Violent clashes erupted in Port Said following verdict of Port Said massacre.
Lina Attalah
Mohamad Adam
Sarah Carr
28 Jan 2013
PORT SAID — While wall graffiti in Cairo is fixated on the dead, those of Port Said are fixated on the would-be...
Dozens of Ultras Ahlawy protest in front of headquarters of Sports Ministry, 2 October 2012, against return of the Premier League football season.
Egypt Independent 26 Jan 2013
The Egyptian Football Association has announced that league will start on its scheduled date on 2 February, following...
Families of martyrs weeping in courtroom during the trial of 75 defendants in the Port Said Stadium violence case, Port Said Criminal Court at the Police Academy, Cairo, April 17,2012. Port Said Criminal Court decided to adjourn the trial to 5 May.
Egypt Independent 26 Jan 2013
None of the 21 people sentenced to death for their involvement in the Port Said football violence were police officers...
Hundreds of Ultras Ahlawy protest outside Egyptian Stock Exchange, Cairo, 23 January 2013.
Al-Masry Al-Youm 24 Jan 2013
Ultras Ahlawy called on "whoever still believes that blood is not cheap" to gather at 8 am Saturday outside...
Thousands of Ultras Ahlawy gathering in Tahrir Square, Cairo, 18 January 2013, to demand justice for the martyrs of the Port Said Stadium massacre that occurred almost a year ago.
Al-Masry Al-Youm 23 Jan 2013
Dozens of hardcore football fans known as ultras blocked the railway in Zagazig in Sharqiya Governorate Wednesday...