Egypt Independent

UAE interrogating women’s organization members over alleged coup plot

Emirati authorities began Wednesday interrogating members of a women's organization whom they accuse of trying to seize power.

Emirati news agency WAM quoted Public Prosecutor Saeed Kebeish as saying that the prosecution is investigating leading members of a women's group, which they suspect may be part of a larger organization allegedly plotting to overthrow the government.

The prosecution stressed that the female suspects were questioned “considering the principles of Sharia in treating women, as well as privacy and traditions of the Emirati society, without violating justice and equality between persons in regards to law, which doesn’t differentiate between people."                                                 

Emirati authorities announced in July that they had arrested members of an outlawed organization, which included 60 Emirati members. There were no news reports at the time that female members were among those arrested.

The suspects allegedly testified that they belonged to a secret organization that had formed a military wing to take over power in the UAE and form an Islamist government.

At the beginning of January, Emirati authorities also announced they had arrested 11 Egyptians who were allegedly members of a Muslim Brotherhood cell in the UAE.

The cases are believed to be part of a wider crackdown by Emirati authorities on Islamist groups.