Egypt Independent

US ambassador: Congress will support Egypt despite protests

US Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson said Tuesday that the images of protesters scaling the walls of the US Embassy in Cairo would make it hard for Washington to aid Egypt, but added that the US Congress will make the “right decision to support Egypt,” according to state-owned MENA news agency.

During a briefing concerning the amateur film "Innocence of Muslims," considered insulting to Prophet Mohamed, Patterson said that the US is working to put the incident behind it and move forward.

Patterson denied a report published in the Washington Post saying that the US has withdrawn an aid package that US President Barack Obama had previously promised to Egypt, adding that the US understands the importance of relations with Egypt and that she would not otherwise comment on reports from anonymous sources.

Protesters stormed the US Embassy in Cairo on 11 September and burned the American flag, leading to clashes with security forces. The US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other diplomatic staff members were also killed in Benghazi when the US Consulate there was attacked the same night.

Patterson added that the US rejects the film but also cannot accept violence against dioplomats and embassies, saying there was no justification for such acts.