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Wafd Party official: Abu Ismail incited followers to attack headquarters

Fouad Badrawy, secretary of the Wafd Party, filed a police report on Sunday accusing former presidential hopeful Hazem Salah Abu Ismail of inciting his supporters to break into the party headquarters, assaulting police and party employees, ransacking offices, and lighting it on fire.

Wafd said on Saturday that some members of the Hazemoun movement, supporters of Salafi Sheikh Abu Ismail, attacked the party headquarters using live ammunition, birdshot and sticks. The assailants smashed vehicles belonging to party members and employees of its newspaper in addition to setting the building on fire, the party said.  

Abu Ismail denied Badrawy accusations during phone calls with several television programs, threatening to sue anyone who connects his name with the incidents.

A reporter for privately-owned daily Al-Watan, Hussein Ahmed Hussein, filed a similar complaint against Abu Ismail for inciting supporters to attack him while he was covering their protest on Saturday in Lebanon Square, Mohandiseen.

Abu Ismail’s supporters were demonstrating against opposition protesters trapping Sheikh Ahmed al-Mahalawy inside Al-Qaed Ibrahim Mosque in Alexandria Friday after he had called on people to approve the constitution draft in the referendum on Saturday.  

Edited translation from MENA