Egypt Independent

Women’s council condemns treatment of female protester

The National Council for Women

condemned an incident broadcast on a satellite channel Saturday in which police dragged a woman by her hair and detained her inside a van outside the presidential palace.

In a statement Sunday, the council said the act is a serious violation of human rights, the rights of Egyptian women and international charters and conventions, and requested that the Interior Ministry apologize and conduct an immediate investigation.

The video was shown on the Al-Hayat Al-Youm program and was uploaded on YouTube and social networking sites.

The council condemned all kinds of violence against peaceful protesters, and the harassment and rape or assault of women during demonstrations.

The statement added that such shameful behavior could not have been committed by the noble revolutionaries, saying Tahrir Square was packed with millions for 18 days during the revolution and did not witness a single case of harassment, as the statement put it.

The statement pointed to “unknown elements” committing such acts to prevent women from participating in public life, and deprive them of their right to peaceful demonstration.