31 illegal migrants rescued, 9 bodies recovered by Egypt

The naval base at ​​Ras al-Teen, Alexandria, received Monday 31 illegal migrants and nine bodies found in the Mediterranean after a boat carrying migrants capsized and sank.
The boat, which was carrying 350 people of different nationalities, capsized 420 kilometers northwest of Alexandria (160 kilometers south of Greece), killing dozens.
Alexandria Security Directorate said in a statement, Monday, that a task force was formed to follow up the incident. The task force was informed that a ship carrying 31 undocumented migrants and nine dead bodies had arrived at Ras al-Teen naval base. The ship carried 26 Egyptians, two Sudanese, two Eritreans and an Ethiopian. 
The nine bodies were partially decomposed and have not yet been identified.
Assistant director of Alexandria Security Directorate Major General Alaa Abdel Fattah reported that legal action has been taken against the 31 rescued migrants, and the dead bodies were transferred to a morgue.
Among the dead bodies was an Egyptian woman, he added.
A claim was filed over the incident and the investigation handed to prosecution.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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