Activists: Police tortured Tahrir protester

Activists on Thursday accused police officers of detaining and torturing a protester who was taking part in a sit-in at Cairo's Tahrir Square.

The activists found Mohamed Abdel Raouf, 50, lying on the ground at nearby Ramses Square. He bore facial bruises and burns on his stomach, and was unable to move.

Mahmoud Mohamed, a protester who has been at the square for more than a week, said that officers kidnapped Abdel Raouf in a police vehicle while he was serving his shift at one of the sentry points, which protesters have formed to confront attacks by thugs.

Mahmoud revealed that a police force led by an officer named "Hisham" blindfolded Abdel Raouf and detained him for six days at an unknown location. The officers smashed his teeth, burnt cigarettes into his skin, and beat different parts of his body.

A doctor working at the field hospital in Tahrir Square told Al-Masry Al-Youm that Raouf is suffering from trauma due to the torture.

The Ministry of Interior was not available for comment.

Dozens of Egyptians have participated in an open-ended sit-in since 8 July to demand wide-scale reform in the Ministry of Interior and faster prosecution of officers accused of murdering protesters during the 25 January revolution.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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