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Activists protest medical examiner’s statements about Khaled Saeed case

Dozens of political activists in Alexandria on Friday protested in front of the home of Khaled Saeed, widely believed to have been beaten to death by police officers last June, to express their rejection of statements made by a medical examiner. 

On a television show, Chief Medical Examiner Ahmed al-Sebaie had insisted that Saeed died after swallowing a roll of marijuana and not as a result of police brutality. 

News of Saeed's death spurred protests, and the case became symbolic of a security apparatus viewed as increasingly brutal and corrupt. The two policemen accused of using violence against Saeed currently stand trial.

The protests on Friday grew louder after Saeed's mother and sister joined the protesters. The protesters chanted, "O martyr, sleep peacefully and wait for us at the doors of paradise," as well as "Down with al-Sebaie" and "My name is Khaled Saeed. We are all Khaled Saeed."

Saeed's mother said she is disappointed at al-Sebaie's statements, adding that she will continue struggling to restore her son's rights.

Omar Mostafa, one of the protest organizers, said al-Sebaie's statements were too provocative to ignore. 
Mostafa said that another report by al-Sebaie claims that Sayed Belal, another man believed to have been tortured to death by security officials, died of circulatory failure.
Mostafa threatened to stage more protests in front of the Forensic Medicine Authority if al-Sebaie is not put on trial for the "false reports he issued, which have squandered the rights of citizens."
Essam al-Sadani, the lawyer for Saeed's family, said al-Sebaie's statements show that former regime officials have not yet learned their lesson because they continue to make provocative public statements.
Translated from the Arabic Edition