Administrator of SCAF Facebook page accuses AUC of conspiracy

The administrator of the ruling military council’s Facebook page accused the American University in Cairo (AUC) on Thursday of planning to “dismantle Egypt with Egyptian hands.”

“The AUC staff is launching a systematic mobilization campaign using 40 students,” the administrator added in a post on the page.

The plan includes raising students’ ire against the military using public figures like Alaa Abd El Fattah and the sister of Khaled Saeed to convince the students to participate in civil disobedience, the page added.

The scheme includes escalating civil disobedience from 11 February to 22 February, the page said.

“Freedom of expression is guaranteed for everyone when it is in the public interest and without having any hidden goals behind it,” the page stated.

“Rabab al-Mahdi and Sameh Naguib, the organizers of the planned civil disobedience movement at AUC, seemed to forget that even if AUC is an American university, it is still on Egyptian soil and attended by Egyptian youth who would never accept treason, whatever the motives, and will stand against any damage to their country,” the page added.

The page administrator asked: “Is AUC one of the tools of the American administration and its security bodies working in Egypt? Does it have a role in a scheme aiming to occupy Egypt by 2015, as the media claim?”

“We reiterate that the strategic relations between Egypt after the revolution will always be in the framework of mutual interests, while the hidden hands are beginning to fall. The end is near,” he concluded.

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