Al-Ahly takes crisis with Mortada Mansour to the Egyptian presidential staff

Egypt’s Al-Ahly Sporting Club on Tuesday addressed the Chief of the Presidential Staff, the Public Prosecutor, the Prime Minister, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the Interior Minister, calling on them to intervene to deter Zamalek president Mortada Mansour from “spreading lies” and defaming the family of Mahmoud El Khatib, chairman of Ahly.

In a statement published on its official page on Facebook, Ahly said that its administration and fans have “reached their limit” regarding the offences of the President of Zamalek. Ahly said in a statement that Mansour is now defaming families and spreading lies through phone-ins with satellite channels.

Ahly called on the House of Representatives to lift Mansour’s immunity in order to hold him accountable before the law. Ahly said that the House of Representatives is supposed to defend the rights of the people, not of Mansour, who is a member of parliament.

Ahly also sent a letter to the Interior Minister, warning him that the president of Zamalek is playing a dangerous game at a time when the country needs to join hands rather than dissent, noting that what Mansour is doing could lead to strife on Egyptian streets.

For his part, head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority Turki Al-Sheikh, who is known to be an ally of Mansour, announced his support for Mahmoud El Khatib following the verbal attacks by Mansour.

Al-Sheikh wrote on his official Facebook page: “Captain Khateeb … I do not accept, ever, outrageous words or defaming of family … I support him in that case.”

Al-Sheikh is known to have had a strong relationship with Mansour over the past season. He has confirmed on several occasions that he recruited a group of current Zamalek players with his own money and has also hinted that he paid the monthly salary of Swiss coach Christian Gross until he left at the end of May 2019.

Conversely, Mansour said that no one can incite strife between him and Al-Sheikh. He added: “Ahly’s complaints will not scare me.”

“Do you want me to shut up after Ahly insulted Zamalek club and said that it is not patriotic club?” Mansour said in a phone-in with AlHadath Alyoum satellite channel on Wednesday.

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