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Al-Souq: Made for Egypt

In celebration of the 25 January revolution and Labor Day, Al-Souq Bazaar put on an exhibition at the Imperial Boat in Zamalek on 1 May from 11 am to 10 pm. Visitors had a chance to shop for authentic Egyptian handcrafts.

More than 30 designers exhibited. “The merchandise exhibited is manufactured in Egypt or designed by an Egyptian designer,” says Mariam, the organizer.

Most were jewelry and accessories designers such as By Lisa and Ya Natasha Jewelry by artist Gihan Shamashergy.

“I started selling my designs seven month ago and this is my fourth exhibition,” said young Shamashergy.

Many designers said business was slow due to the political and economical status of the country.

“Not so many visitors showed up today,” said one.

Although jewelry prevailed, other exhibitors sold T-shirts with patriotic logos such as "Egyptian & Proud" or "Ana Masry" (I’m an Egyptian). “T-shirts are perfect for our weather, and some of these are funky and embroidered with beads, and can be sported everywhere,” said a visitor in her thirties.

Despite the creativity of the designs, many thought them overpriced.

“The exhibition is a good chance for our designers to promote their merchandise and widen their target market,” said Mariam. For many of the designers Al-Souq was their first exhibition. Designers paid a fee to get their products exhibited, and thus avoided the hassle and logistics of selling their brands.

Al-Souq was a good chance for Egyptian designers to exhibit their products and help revive the economy.   

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