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Alaa Mubarak accuses TV host Mostafa Bakry of ‘schizophrenia’

Alaa Mubarak, the son of the former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, attacked journalist and media host, Mostafa Bakry, after the latter’s statements on the birthday of the late president.

Mubarak said in a tweet that Bakry suffers from “schizophrenia”.

“Strange contradictions actually in his personality, and I think that one wronged him because by following his abnormal fluctuations over the years, I think that he, with all due respect, suffers from schizophrenia,” the Tweet reads.

“Schizophrenia is a chronic and severe mental disorder that affects the way a person thinks and behaves, and results in hallucinations and delusions, and those affected may hear voices that do not exist.

“One of the serious symptoms is also that he forgets the positions he took or the events that passed, and he may not always be able to distinguish his own thoughts from the thoughts and events that actually happen, and this explains without any doubt the man’s ups and downs and his many strange stances since 2011.”

“His lies and imaginary stories about the father (Mubarak), which he mentioned in his book, were refuted by (Mubarak’s late attorney) Farid al-Deeb, may God have mercy on him, in court. In the end, we have no choice but to pray for his recovery (from Schizophrenia),” Alaa Mubarak said.

In a separate comment, Alaa added: “Just a while ago Mr. Mostafa submitted a complaint against me to the Public Prosecutor.”

Bakry had said during his show at the Sada al-Balad TV channel: “This is the fourth of May, the birthday of the late President, Hosni Mubarak.”

“A few days ago we were celebrating the Sinai Liberation Day and we cannot forget, as some citizens sent me, that this president raised the Egyptian flag on the last piece we liberated from the Zionist usurper in Taba. It was the president (Mubarak) who raised the Egyptian flag.

“Certainly, this was the fruit of struggle in the October 1973 war, in which President Mubarak participated at the time. Some may disagree or agree about (his) policies and visions, but history is not forgotten in any way. It is objective that we always emphasize President Mubarak’s role in the October War during which he was the commander of the Air Force,” Bakry said.

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