In Alex, Wafd candidate uses cartoons in parliamentary campaign

Supporters of Wafd Party member Mostafa Ibrahim, who is running in next month’s parliamentary elections, have hung posters featuring political cartoons in several districts of Alexandria.

“Cartoons deliver the message better,” said Ibrahim.

One poster features a cartoon of a man–holding a rosary in one hand and a cross in the other–being tortured by police.

Ibrahim said that supporters of Khaled Khairy, his rival from the ruling National Democratic Party, had already torn down many of his posters.

“The cartoons expose him. They show that he didn't serve his constituency at all since he was elected last time,” said Ibrahim, alleging that Khairy had bought votes in 2005 parliamentary races.

“Khairy deserves to receive the award for silent parliamentarian of the year,” he added. “The man didn't submit a single interpellation throughout the course of the last parliamentary session.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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