Amazon Prime’s documentary “King Tut: Forgotten Treasure” contains false information: Zahi Hawass

Archeologist Zahi Hawass has denied a claim by documentary “King Tut: the Forgotten Treasure” that Tutankhamun’s coffin was actually meant for his sister Merit Aten, Youm7 reported.

According to the Daily Express, Amazon Prime’s documentary claims that Tut’s tomb actually belonged to his sister, with the name being attributed to Tutankhamun.

Beyond stating the non-existence of any credible evidence about the burial of Tut’s sister in his tomb, Hawass pointed out the fact that queens are always buried on the Eastern Bank of the Valley of the Kings.

“It’s really difficult to glean any information regarding who this exactly belonged to according to an initial look,” French Egyptologist Mark Gabolbe acknowledged in the film.

Hawass decried the documentary, affirming that all proven scientific facts state that King Tutankhamun had likely died while hunting wild animals.

The film revealed that the cemetery contains a piece that does not belong to King Tutankhamen, with Hawass saying that this is normal as Tal al-Amarna’s workshop manufactured Akhenaton’s possessions as well, as such not everything in the tomb would exclusively belong to Tutankhamun.

Hawass stressed that archeological discovery should never be revealed without proper scientific research to confirm or disregard the discovery.

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