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The ancient Egyptians went to Mars

Some believe that there are secrets of the ancient Egyptians still undiscovered, such as the mummification that only their priests knew how to do, the Great Pyramid of King Cheops that even Egyptologists did not know how was built, and the Sphinx, under which many believed people from Atlantis, who helped build the pyramids, kept boxes full of secrets about the ancient Egyptian civilization. 
In fact, the mummification is not a secret, for we do know all its steps. And we found in tomb no. 63 in the Valley of the Kings all the tools and materials that were used in the mummification process. Moreover, the late Egyptologist Zaki Iskandar did mummify birds, and Professor Salima Ikram of the American University in Cairo mummified a duck. These are still kept in excellent condition. And there are associations in the United States that mummify the bodies of the deceased upon their request before they die.
As for the pyramids, we have discovered the way they were built while we were working in the area west of the pyramid of King Chephren. It was the quarry from which the stones were taken to build it, while the casing came from limestone quarries in Tora. We have also discovered the causeway on which the stones were carried. 
As for the sphinx, when the groundwater was withdrawn 20 meters from under it by Hafez Ibrahim, head of the Antiquities Engineering Center, he found that it was carved from a rock in this place, and that there was no boxes under it.
Then a YouTube video posted recently claimed that the ancient Egyptians built small pyramids on Mars that NASA took pictures of. They are 215 meters long and 45 meters wide, which raised the question as to whether the ancient Egyptians had reached Mars or Martians had come to Earth and helped them build the Great Pyramids.
I believe the pyramidal-shaped structures of Mars have nothing to do with the ancient Egyptians. 
The ancient Egyptians have inspired the world with their culture. We should be proud of their work. And the new Suez Canal is an excellent opportunity to get to this end. 
Long live Egypt and the Egyptians.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm