Angham’s new video hits 120,000 views on Youtube

Singer Angham succeeded in attracting over 120,000 viewers to her new song "Ahi Gat" on Youtube.
Angham launched her new album "Inncocent Dreams" in October 2015, after five years of absence from the limelight.
Angham seemed more daring in her latest video, wearing Lebanese makeup and bolder clothing that gives her a more feminine look.
The video revolves around a conflict between two women vying for a man's heart. Angham played both characters and was praised by her fans for her performance in both roles.
Presenter Ayman Qaysony played Angham's lover in the video, 14 years after he also played the same role in her video "Sidi Wesalk".
The clip was shot in Lebanon over two days of filming.
The lyrics were written by Catherine Moawad and the song is composed by Hisham Polus.
Angham chose to shoot a video for "Ahi Gat" because the song has a story that was close to reality, she said. Angham liked the song as well because she could express a large amount of emotions through it, she added.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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