Assorted demonstrations grip provinces

Roughly 1000 employees of the Lafarge Cement Company in the canal city of Suez staged a sit-in on Tuesday, claiming they had only received 25 per cent of their monthly bonuses. Meanwhile, 20 female engineers at the IMCO Petroleum Company, also in Suez, staged demonstrations in which they demanded better financial packages.

In the capital, scores of Nubians demonstrated in front of the parliament building, demanding the implementation of a land-and-housing scheme promised by President Hosni Mubarak.  

Meanwhile, in Gharbiya, members of the Tanta Teachers Club said they would stage a protest march against recent orders by the local Municipal Council obliging them to evacuate the club. And in Damietta, employees of a spinning and weaving company staged a sit-in in which they demanded better wages.

In Kafr el-Sheikh, more than 600 teachers threatened to stage demonstrations in front of the president’s office to protest a recent wave of layoffs.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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