Badie slams protests ‘targeting state institutions’

The Muslim Brotherhood's Supreme Guide on Tuesday slammed recent protests that took place in front of various state institutions, many of which devolved into violent clashes.

In a statement on his Facebook page, Mohamed Badie said, “Many have been trying to drag the country to the catastrophes and civil wars they had warned of, [that is] by assaulting the office of the head of the state during consecutive Friday protests outside the Ettehadiya Presidential Palace, then targeting state institutions”

Badie added that all attempts to overthrow the president and undermine state institutions had “failed.”

The area surrounding Ettehadiya Palace has seen numerous violent clashes over the past few months between protesters opposed to Mohamed Morsy and supporters of him and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The protests took a new turn Friday when anti-Brotherhood protesters clashed with the group’s members and supporters after a protest in front of its headquarters in the Moqattam neighborhood of Cairo, leaving over 200 injured.

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