Badie speaks for first time since death sentence

Mohamed Badie, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, spoke for the first time on Sunday since receiving a death sentence.
“I ask God first and the court secondly to achieve justice for me,” said Badie from the Ismailia Criminal Court that is holding trials for him and 104 other defendants in the case known as the Ismailia Events.
“I am being tried in 43 cases of terrorism,” he said. “This is unjust.”
His defense requested the court include in the case the Central Security Forces' report of the events.
The case goes back to July 5, 2013, when clashes erupted between supporters of Mohamed Morsi and security services in front of the Ismailia headquarters, resulting in three deaths and dozens of injuries.
Badie is charged with inciting the crowd to endanger public peace, assaulting citizens and public property, murder and committing acts of violence.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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