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Bassem Youssef appears on ‘al-Mughared’ show, discussing Palestine and more

Bassem Youssef made an appearance on the “al-Mughared” show broadcast on Abu Dhabi channels on Friday, where he discussed the Gaza crisis and his famous interview with Piers Morgan.

During his interview with the journalist Amer Bin Jassas, Youssef stated that, “I do not care if Piers Morgan changes his opinion about the Palestinian issue or not after my interview with him. What is important to me is the audience, that I communicate the issue to as many people as possible.”

He pointed out that Piers Morgan did not give him space during his interview, but that he still managed to shock him.

Youssef explained how he made sure to seperate each issue: “I separated the humanitarian approach from the religious or national approach in my interview with Piers Morgan regarding the Palestinian issue, because what benefits our cause is that you win the largest number of people with your opinion.”

Regarding his fame and success, Youssef said: “Fame is “poison” and I never wanted my fame in Egypt. Imagine 40 million human beings having an opinion about you and judging you.”

Youssef commented on the criticism directed at his fellow media figure, Yasmine Ezz, saying: “I tell people, why do you take Yasmine Ezz’s words seriously? She herself knows that she is presenting a character.”

He also said that he is a fan of Ahly SC – a fact, he says, everyone knows.

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