Borhamy: Desire for Facebook ‘Likes’ corrupting the heart

Chairman of the Salafi Dawah Yasser Borhamy warned of taking pride in Facebook “Likes” saying it has became a serious disease. He called on Facebook users to seek God's satisfaction with their deeds, not people's praise.
Borhamy responded to a question by a follower of “I am the Salafi” website on whether publishing useful posts on Facebook was considered a Sadaqa (act of charity). The follower added he sometimes felt upset for not getting “Likes” or comments on his posts. 
“Am I sincere or hypocrite? I hope you help, because I'm at a loss myself because of this,” the follower wrote.
“Facebook ‘Likes’ are most probably a serious disease that has corrupts the hearts of many people. Be careful seeking them and let your intentions be for God's sake only, without heeding people,” Borhamy responded.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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