Brotherhood considers recognizing 30 June’s demands

The Muslim Brotherhood is considering recognizing the demands of 30 June protests while also apologizing for toppled President Mohamed Morsy's mistakes, Egypt Independent has learned,

The step is being discussed within the Brotherhood as part of a move towards national reconciliation with the army and Cabinet.  

There have been many discussions among the Brotherhood recently around recognizing the demands of 30 June protests and the mistakes of Morsy to contain the political crisis through negotiations with Egypt's new rulers.
Guidance Bureau leader and former Local Development Minister Mohamed Ali Beshr refused to disclose details of the initiative, saying it could hamper efforts.
National Alliance in Support of Legitimacy leader and deupty head of the Islamic Party, affiliated with the Jihad Movement, Magdy Salem said the initiative had been proposed by independent figures.
All parties welcomed the initiative, especially because the figures who developed the initiative are reliable, patriotic and honest people, Salem said.
Salem told Egypt Independent that army leaders are part of the initiative. However, Salem refused to disclose the names of public figures who suggested the initiative.
Halting bloodshed will be a requirement to complete the initiative and end demonstrations by the National Alliance, Salem said. It would be followed by an agreement on steps to end the political crisis.
It is unreasonable to talk about an initiative while blood is being shed in the streets, Salem argued. The National Alliance figure also criticized continuing arrests of Brotherhood members and "anti-coup" protesters across Egypt.
Egypt Independent asked Salem whether demonstrations planned for next Friday, under the slogan "The people lead the revolution," could hamper reconciliation efforts, particularly if there are casualties.
"The million-man demonstrations of Friday 30 August are not limited to the Brotherhood only, but involve revolutionary forces and other youth [groups]," he replied. "Therefore the decision is not linked to the Brotherhood alone."
"But we hope no bloodshed occurs so that things do not get further complicated and the crisis can be ended by a political initiative that satisfies all parties," he added.
Salem claimed the alliance had received assurances from the authorities regarding the initiative.

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