Brotherhood says will not backtrack on Morsy reinstatement

The Muslim Brotherhood has said it will not step back from its demand to end the "fascist military coup" and reinstate Mohamed Morsy as Egyptian president.

The group’s secretary general, Mahmoud Hussein, called a call by presidential adviser Ahmed al-Muslemany for Brotherhood defectors to enter dialogue with the new government "dubious," claiming it was timed to fit in with a visit from EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton.

In a statement on Tuesday, Hussein stressed the Islamist organization is united. He also denied the presence of dissidents or defectors within the group.

“Such conspiratorial methods were practised by consecutive military authorities before," he claimed. "It did not achieve its purposes. Attempts to refer to disputes within the group will fail, like previous ones failed throughout the group’s history,” he added.

Hussein also claimed: “The Brotherhood, as well as national forces and Egyptians, will not backtrack from their demand to end the fascist military coup and return legitimacy through [the] reinstatement of elected and kidnapped [President] Mohamed Morsy, the elected Shura Council and the Constitution which was put to referendum.”

Presidential adviser Ahmed al-Muslemany had earlier claimed interim President Adly Mansour was set to meet 20 Muslim Brotherhood "dissidents" and youth leaders.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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