Campaign records more than 400 sexual harassment incidents during Eid

A campaign monitoring sexual harassment during official holidays has recorded over 400 incidents of verbal and physical sexual harassment during the four days of the holy Islamic Eid al-Adha feast, which ended Sunday.
Shoft Taharrosh (I Saw Harassment) said in its final report on Monday that the four days of the feast have resulted in 397 instances of verbal harassment and 50 cases of physical harassment.
The campaign, which began in 2012, said the findings were made by members deployed between 3 pm and 10 pm on the streets of downtown Cairo alone.
Shoft Taharrosh stressed it had not recorded any cases of mob harassment. It pointed out that security presence varied significantly in well-known harassment hotspots.
Female police officers were absent in areas where large groups gathered.
Police officers were involved in only two incidents of verbal harassment in the area covered by campaign members, according to the report.

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