Cast of “Sib Idi” video clip sentenced to 1 year for inciting debauchery

The Agouza Misdemeanors Court sentenced three people involved in the "Sib Idi" video clip to one year in prison and another year under surveillance on charges of abusing the Internet to incite debauchery Sunday.
The people involved in the case were Salma al-Fouly, the dancer in the video, Wael al-Siddiqi, the director who has an American citizenship, and Rizq Ramadan, another dancer.
Commenting on the sentence, Siddiqi wrote on Facebook: "The officer who beat the lawyer and forced the President to apologize to the people was handed three months, while I got a whole year for posting a song on the Net … Long live Egypt."
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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