Coptic movements reject dialogue with Muslim Brotherhood

Coptic movements have rejected a joint statement by the Coptic General Authority (CGA) and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, in which they have endorsed the Al-Azhar declaration calling for a civil state.

They said the Brotherhood often changes its stances and promises. “The group wants to impose its own ideology,” said Sherif Ramzy, coordinator of the Copts Without Restrictions movement. “And the Coptic Church is aware of that.”

Ramzy criticized the CGA for believing the Muslim Brotherhood and issuing joint statements with it.

Movement member Ibram Louise, meanwhile, said that no single group has the right to speak on behalf of Copts. “A body representing the Copts should be elected,” he said.

CGA co-founder Naguib Gabriel said the authority does not represent all Copts. “We met with the Muslim Brotherhood in our individual capacity,” he explained.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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