Court to examine lawsuit accusing film of ‘tarnishing Egypt’s image’

An Egyptian court on Wednesday is scheduled to discuss a lawsuit charging the makers of Egyptian film “678” of tarnishing Egypt's reputation.

Lawyers Mohammed Hanafi and Melad George filed the lawsuit against the makers of the movie, which is the first Egyptian film to deal explicitly with the topic of sexual harassment in Egypt. The film, which stars Egyptian actress Bushra, also represents screenwriter Mohammad Diab's first foray into film direction.

In their lawsuit, the two lawyers accuse both the filmmakers and the film's cast of promoting violence against sexual harassers by stabbing them in their private parts, potentially resulting in impotence.

According to the charges cited in the lawsuit, the film encourages women to use foul language and violence, which is inconsistent with Egyptian morals, customs and traditions.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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