Court postpones lawsuit against Saudi prince’s Toshka land deal

The Administrative Court on Monday postponed to 14 December discussion of a lawsuit calling for the annulment of a contract for the sale of 100,000 acres of state-owned land in the Toshka land reclamation project to an agricultural development company owned by Saudi Prince Walid Bin Talal.

The lawsuit was filed by lawyer Shahata Mohamed Shahata against Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif and Minister of Agriculture Amin Abaza.

In a court hearing on Tuesday, Shehata asked the court to oblige the Urban Communities Authority (UCA) to present the original sales contract between it and Bin Talal's company, Al-Mamlaka, and produce a report on how much of the land in question had been cultivated so far.

Meanwhile, the court granted a request by the UCA's defense team giving the latter more time to present documents it considers relevant to the case.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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