Court summons intelligence chief to testify in the case of killing protesters

Giza Criminal Court on Saturday summoned Egypt's General Intelligence Chief Mourad Mowafy to testify in the next session of the trial of 17 policemen charged with killing protesters during last year's uprising.

Mowafy has been summoned to speak on 17 March, when the court is scheduled to hear to the prosecution's case against the policemen accused of killing five protesters and injuring 17 in Giza, Hawamdeya, Badrashein and Abu al-Nomros during the uprising last year.

Although Saturday's session was intended hear the prosecution's case and reports from the National Security Agency and General Intelligence, view footage of the events of 28 and 29 January 2011, and hear the remaining defense and prosecution witnesses, it actually lasted no more than five minutes.
In previous sessions the court watched several segments of footage of what happened on 28 January, the so-called Friday of Anger, outside a number of police stations. It also listened to some witnesses for the defense.
The trial is being presided over by judges Mohamed Fahim, Darwish Ahmed Dahshan and Kamal Eddin Hammam.
Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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