Curfew reduced, now 12 am to 5 am

The Cabinet has decided to further reduce curfew hours starting on Saturday. Curfew will be imposed from 12 am, instead of 11 pm, and will end at 5 am, instead of 6 am.
The new curfew hours apply to all days of the week except for Friday, where it will continue to start from 7 pm.
Officials have noted recently that the curfew might be reduced in order to facilitate daily activities with the advent of a new school year on Saturday.
Egypt has seen a curfew in place since mid-August during the breakout of violence between security and supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsy. Thus, Fridays usually witness mass protests by supporters of the ousted leader who condemn his removal by the army last July.
The government recently extended the state of emergency for two extra months citing security requirements as occasional violence occurs between Morsy backers and security.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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