Death sentence for bus driver who shot dead 6 colleagues

Giza Criminal Court on Wednesday sentenced Mahmoud Suweilam, the Arab Contractors bus driver who shot colleagues on board the company's bus, to death. The shooting had resulted in six deaths and six injuries.

Suweilam was driving company employees to a working site in Giza in July 2010, when he suddenly stopped the bus before indiscriminately opening fire at passengers with a machine gun.

Public prosecutors had called for the severest punishment for the defendant, particularly since a psychiatrist's report found that the driver was mentally stable when he committed the murder.

Suweilam was charged with the pre-meditated murder of six and the attempted murder of six others, as well as the possession of unlicenced weapons and ammunition.

Suweilam had confessed that he wanted to kill one of his colleagues whom he believed was excavating antiquities under Suweilam’s house.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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