Delegation heads to US over F16 jet deal

A military delegation headed by senior Air Force Major General Ragaa Rabia Khalil left on Wednesday for the United States to oversee a second delivery of F16 Block 52 jets.
Official sources at Cairo International Airport said nine air force commanders boarded a Frankfurt-bound plane where the delegation will switch planes and be routed to the US. 
In February, the US said it was going to accelerate the delivery of 20 jets over the course of 2013. Cairo received the first batch comprising four jets last month.
Egypt has received US$1.3 billion in annual assistance from the US since it signed the peace treaty with Israel in 1979. 
However, a number of US Congress members have recently suggested restricting or ending the aid due to the political instability the country has faced since President Mohamed Morsy assumed power in July 2011. 
Edited translation from DPA

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