Diaa Eddin Dawoud, Nasserist Party president, dies at 85

The funeral of Diaa Eddin Dawoud, president of the Nasserist Party, took place on Wednesday at his hometown of al-Rouda in Damietta. He had just turned 85 years of age.

The funeral was attended by the governor of Damietta and leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood group, as well as representatives of various other political parties and groups.

They mourned the loss of the Nasserist Party’s founder, who was a beacon of political activism, as they put it.

Dawoud was born on 27 March, 1926. He served as minister of parliamentary affairs and minister of social affairs. Beginning in 1971, he served ten years in prison following the outcome of a case known as the “Centers of Power”.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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