Diesel supplies raised to face crisis, says supply ministry spokesperson

The Supply and Petroleum Ministries have agreed to raise the daily amount of diesel delivered to the market from 32,000 tons to 37,000 tons, as part of ongoing attempts to resolve the diesel crisis, said Supply Ministry spokesperson Nasser al-Farash on Monday.

Several emergency measures have been taken to address the microbuses drivers' strike over the lack of diesel, Farash said. Four tanker trucks of diesel were sent to fuel microbuses in several areas, including 10th of Ramdan microbus station in Salam city, Masara station in Helwan, Moqattam station and Al-Bahr al-Azam station.

Coordination and cooperation with the General Directorate for Supply Investigation is taking place, Farash added, in order to continue with the inspection of gas stations campaign, to observe the distribution of diesel and prevent smuggling or its transfer to the black market.

On the other hand, Magdy Wassef, the head of the subsidies department in the Supply Ministry, said the ministry, in collaboration with the Petroleum Ministry, is following a clear plan, to address the shortage of diesel.

Wassef said 100,000 tons of diesel is set to arrive this week. The ministry has also been fully prepared for the harvest season in collaboration with the Ministries of Agriculture, Finance and Petroleum to provide the necessary diesel for wheat harvest operations.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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