Doctors Syndicate to hold ballot for general strike in hospitals

The Doctors Syndicate has given the go-ahead for members to vote for or against a general strike in all hospitals nationwide.

The decision to hold the vote was made by the syndicate’s Emergency General Assembly, and the ballot is to be held from 11 May to 17 May.

The syndicate is demanding that the government allocate 15 percent of the state budget to the Health Ministry and raise doctors’ salaries.

The assembly has approved the strike in principle and exempted doctors of emergency and intensive care units, as well as units treating acute conditions, from participating.

“The syndicate supported demands made by doctors for the dissmissal of the health minister, as he is a remnant of the former regime,” said syndicate treasurer Essam al-Eryan.

Syndicate member Mohamed Hassan Khalil accused the minister of attempting to privatize public health insurance.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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