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Dusty, stormy winds on Tuesday across Egypt: EMA

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority warned of Tuesday’s weather as the country will be affected by an unusual Khamaseen depression due to global climate changes.

Weather maps show strong gusts of wind activity and dust storms which blow up sand at intermittent intervals, amid rising temperatures all over the country, especially in southern Upper Egypt throughout the day.

Meteorologists explained that the depression on Tuesday helps raise temperatures in the governorates of Upper Egypt, while the northern regions are not significantly affected by the temperature rise, except by approximately one to two degrees.

The weather will gradually improve by Wednesday and Thursday, they added, both in terms of the weather and the dust storms.


Tuesday weather:

The EMA said in an urgent statement that the latest weather maps indicate that Egypt will be affected by a desert depression coming from the Western Desert, bringing active southwestern air masses blowing up sand and dust.

These winds may reach the capital and lead to the deterioration of horizontal vision in the following governorates: Fayoum, Bani Suef, Minya, Assiut, Sohag, Qena, Red Sea Governorate, and Gulf of Suez, and Western Desert region where wind speed ranges between 50 to 60 km per hour.

Satellite images revealed intense wind activity at the New Valley, northern and central Upper Egypt. Dust storms will form in most areas of the Dakhla and Kharga oases, especially Farafra and Bahariya Oasis, in addition to Minya, Beni Suef, Assiut and Sohag.

Dust storms will arrive by midnight or dawn on Wednesday to the regions of southern Upper Egypt in a less severe manner.

The Gulf of Suez, Greater Cairo, and Fayoum will be affected by strong gusts of dusty wind and may blow in open and elevated places, such as the heights east of Cairo and west of Giza (October and Zayed).

Winds will be randomly active in some areas of Lower Egypt, with shorter and less severe gusts.

Meteorologists advised citizens to drive calmly on highways and desert roads, avoid being under billboards, lighting poles, and dilapidated buildings, and wear facemasks for anyone with respiratory, chest, allergy, and sinus diseases.


Tuesday temperatures:

Northern coasts: 28C

Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt: 35C

South Sinai, Northern Upper Egypt: 38C

Southern Upper Egypt: 40C

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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