Duwaiqa residents block Qasr al-Aini Street to demand better housing

Residents of the Duwaiqa district blocked Qasr al-Aini street in downtown Cairo for the second consecutive day to demand they be granted housing units promised by the Cairo Municipality three years ago after a major landslide on Muqattam Hill crushed their homes.

“We were surprised to find ourselves being transferred from Duwaiqa to 6 October City apartments, which consisted of a single room and bathroom with no kitchen and an area no larger than 24 square meters,” said protester Ali Abdel Aty.

“How can a seven member family live in such a small space?” asked one resident who requested anonymity. “All we want now is a humane place in which we and our children can live.”

The protesters chanted, saying “wake up Egypt, the blood of your brothers and sisters lies under the rocks”.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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