Egypt considers building dikes to shield coastal cities from rising sea levels

The Egyptian government is currently considering building a series of sea walls along the North Coast in order to protect coastal cities that some say are threatened with inundation due to anticipated rises in sea level as a result of climate change.

“We will erect concrete sea walls between Lake Borollos and the village of Metobas,“ said Kafr al-Sheikh Governor Ahmed Zaki Abdin. He went on to warn that Mediterranean sea levels had already begun to rise in the area.

“The International Highway along the North Coast will be threatened with collapse if sea levels rise another 10 cm,” said Abdin, noting that seawater had reached residential areas in the city of Rosetta during last week’s thunder storm.

The governor went on to say that he planned to urge Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif to allocate the necessary funding for construction of the needed dikes.

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