Egypt hints at removing Qatar from US led anti IS coalition

In a Washington coalition meeting Tuesday Egypt stated that a US-led coalition to combat the Islamic State should not include countries that support terrorism or promote it through its media.

The aforementioned statement came during a telephone interview dictated from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry’s official spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zeid to state-run Radio Masr, who was heading the Egyptian delegation participating in the meeting.

Abu Zeid said during the telephone interview that the Egyptian delegation clearly addressed Qatar, also a participant in the meeting, of sponsoring terrorism.

“The Egyptian delegation said that while Qatar is considered a member of the US-led coalition to combat IS, it continues to support terrorism and work hard to undermine the international efforts dedicated to eliminating terrorism,” the Egyptian delegation said according to Abu Zeid.

Abu Zeid added that it is no longer acceptable for the US-led coalition to include member countries that support terrorism or promote it through means of media, adding that the four Arab countries to boycott Qatar came as a result of the Qatari stance to support terrorism.

On Tuesday, the four Arab [Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain] countries boycotting Qatar released a statement in which they confirmed that the recent decision to boycott Qatar was in fact due to the Qatari support of terrorism.

The statement added that the signing of MOU to combat financing terrorism between Qatar and the US came after endless pressures from the four Arab countries to suspend Qatari support of terrorism.

The Qatari diplomatic crisis with the four Arab countries surfaced the Arab political scene on June 5 when the four Arab countries [Egypt, UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia] decided to withdraw their diplomatic ties from Qatar and imposed closure to all naval, Ariel and ground borders with Qatar.


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