Egypt launches environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles during COP27

Egypt announced on Saturday the launch of its first environmentally friendly water box, “Good water”, as an alternative to plastic bottles, during the sidelines of the COP27 summit.

Good Water has attracted great interest from all participating parties, especially the heads of participating countries and institutions interested in protecting the environment.

The project presents the first Egyptian mineral water box that uses covers made of a biopolymer derived from sugar cane, which can replanted as carbon dioxide absorbing plants.

The environmentally friendly water box Good Water consists mainly of wood and fibers that are extracted from responsibly managed forests and other environmentally friendly sources, with a much lower environmental impact than that used in plastic or can containers, and it also preserves the purity of water at it protects water from light.

The idea of Egyptian-made water box complies with internationally approved environmental standards as it doesn’t use any fossil fuels, can be reused and will degrade in nature much faster than the plastic.

The idea of establishing Good Water company in 2022 came at the hands of a group of Egyptian entrepreneurs interested in producing an environmentally friendly mineral water drinking experience with the support of a group of national investors for the project.

Good Water launched its first phase during COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, with a capacity of 500 ml, and it is scheduled to launch and display its products in the Egyptian market at an economical price at the beginning of 2023.

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