Egypt parliament speaker warns media, MPS against ‘deliberate defamation’ of House of Representatives

Parliament’s speaker Ali Abdel-Aal has warned in a statement at the opening session of the Parliament held on Monday against defamation campaigns that are target the legislative body.

According to the state-run newspaper Al-Ahram, the warning was aimed at some members of parliament who deliberately intend to defame its image.

“I would like to remind you that this parliament has proved immune to all previous defamation campaigns, and that it was able to discipline violators and wrongdoers, and inflict tough penalties on them,” he said.

Abdel Aal also noted that the parliament will continue implementing the policy of tough discipline and those offenders who want to disparage parliament or violate its rules will be decisively dealt with.

Ali Abdel Aal has recently faced criticism from MP Haitham El-Hariri who is a member of the 25-30 bloc, who said he is violating the constitution and the parliament’s internal bylaws.

As a result, El-Hariri has been referred to the parliament’s ethics committee over charges of being an impudent MP. Other MPs including Emad Gad and Samir Ghattas have engaged in verbal disputes with Abdel Aal.

Moreover, Abdel Aal addressed similar warnings to the media institutions in Egypt that are deliberately defaming the parliament, calling on them to pay respect to Egypt’s constitutional institutions.

“To such campaigns, I say the hour of judgment has come and it will be very soon – in the coming few weeks,” he said.

He added that freedom should not mean chaos or be viewed as an absolute right, which some may like to exercise at the expense of state’s interest and the freedom of others.


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